A few things.  I’ll be celebrating 1,000 followers soon!  YAY!!!  If you are interested in doing a giveaway let me know, it’s a great way to get some traffic to your site!  Second thing, I am doing a hair accessory week soon.  If you sell any type of hair accessory (accept Lilla Rose, already have some) and are interested in me modeling them for you, contact me.
Okay.  Now for the good stuff.  I finally got the pictures back from Micah.  Sure I know, I probably posted too many.  But I couldn’t decide!!  I am SO grateful you guys helped me win!  Because look how awesome these photos are!  Micah was so amazing to work with and I loved all her ideas and poses.  Boston was nearly impossible to work with too.  He’s at that age where he wants to be out and exploring, not smiling for some camera!  The whole candid thing totally worked and I’m completely in love with all these photos!  Check more of Micah’s photography out here- she’s amazing.
And for those who want to know: I got the capris at Gap (on sale of course) the shirt on the clearance rack at Abercrombie and the sweater at Hollister.  Boston’s shirt was from Old Navy last summer and Brian’s… well I don’t know where we got his!  Some weird store at the Gateway!  And in the baseball photos, I got both shirts and capris from AE, Brian’s shirt was from Macy’s, Boston’s shorts from Ross and his shirt from his grandparents!!

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  1. Freckled Pink

    Ohmygoodness – what a precious family! Your little boy is super handsome. I just found your blog via Pinterest, and I will definitely be following. We recently had family pictures done with my 18-month-old daughter. Those toddlers make for difficult little subjects, don’t they?! So fun, though! Anyway, the photos are ah-mazing!

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