Busy Bag Exchange

January 6, 2012

Who here has heard of The Busy Bag Exchange?  Because seriously.  Why didn’t you tell me about it?!  I feel so left out and hurt right now!For those of you who feel left out like me- don’t worry.  I’m going to fill you in.  Ha, with my limited knowledge of what they are BECAUSE I’VE NEVER BEEN INVITED TO ONE!  Jeez, so rude!  Apparently, moms come together and share their fantastic ideas on how they keep their toddlers/kids busy and educated.  You can have one with all of your friends and depending on how many people are invited, you make that many bags of your idea.  Then you swap your bags and leave with 20 different bags of ideas!

Whatever genius mom started this, I just want to say- THANK YOU.

There are these exchanges happening all over the web right now and I have to tell you- I have a love/hate relationship with them.  All of a sudden I have all these awesome projects I need to do and I have no time to do them!  Alright, I’ll get to my favorite “bags” or projects I’ve found already.

Pipe Cleaner Toy

Image Source

Boston would absolutely love this toy.  He’s all about fine motor skills these days.  Plus, it can help teach colors too!  I’ve already purchased my Pringles can and pipe cleaners!

Pool Noodle Stringing

Image Source

Another toy to practice those fine motor skills.  I love that with this one, the string/rope is large and the holes from the pool noodles are large and won’t frustrate those tiny fingers too much!

Velcro Shape Sticks
Image Source
This one I’m sure is a little too advanced for my two year old, but I have a million tongue depressors so I might as well make them and keep them for later!
Another great idea for Pom Poms
Image Source
There are free printables and other great ideas on how to use these magnetic pom poms here.  Ha, the joys of pom poms!
Image Source
Boston would love this.  Stringing would be too hard, but organizing by colors and shapes would be great practice!
Image Source
Or try a color matching wheel
Image Source
Image Source
I have seen these all over pinterest.  I made a few last night and ruined them because I put my mod podge on too thick.  The picture above doesn’t have mod podge over the image, but I thought it would make the puzzles last longer.  I’ve seen these puzzles made with the LDS pass a long cards for church.  Great idea!
Image Source
I’ve debated on this one.  Should I make them?  Or just buy the nice Melissa and Doug ones?!  I know Boston would love this.
Make sure to check out the image source links, and the actual links associated with the titles of the toys.  Some of them link up to different sites, equally awesome sites you should check out!
Top blogs I found ideas from:
Go ahead- I dare you.  Start googling or searching pinterest for Busy Bag Exchange.  It will blow your mind all of the super cheap and awesome activities you can make for your child.
Good luck mommies!


  • Mal
  • Wow. What an awesome idea! I’m having such a hard time finding fun learning activities for my 16 month old. I feel like most ideas are just too advanced for him and are geared to 2 and up. And there are SO few arts and crafts to do. It’s so difficult!

  • At two, Boston could definitely string beads or pasta with big holes and lacing cards, just tape or glue the ends so that he has a long stiff end to work with instead of a floppy one. I print out and punch my own cards based on what they are learning about and when they get damaged I just print out new ones or I laminate the ones that I know I want to last like the ones for my Sunday bag.

  • Thanks for the link! Glad you you were able to find good ideas for your busy bags.

  • Love the ideas, but no kids yet to make any practical use of them. I’ll have to start a folder on my computer or bookmark this page.

  • We’re so glad you enjoyed our post about the busy bags. Did you get a chance to try some?

  • Very good blog post. I absolutely love this site. Stick with it!