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My little neighbor is the cutest thing.  I did her hair the other day and thought I’d share it with ya.  Because umm… it was super cute!


Make sections 1 and 2.  Instead of just tying the ponytail off with a rubber band I added a topsy tail.  I have found that the ponytail won’t pull out and get loose- it keeps the style looking new all day.  So make 1 and 2 and then split the ponytail on 2 in half and add to 3.  Finish 3′s topsy tails, split 1 in half and add everything into 4.  Finish 4′s topsy tails and viola!  You’re done.  Took about five minutes and it’s great for super fine hair.  Little Natalie’s hair stayed out of her face all day long!

Make sure to comment below if you want to see more little girl styles!

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