Mrs. Field’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

June 26, 2012

These are hands down THE best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had.  I mean seriously, look at the butter content.  These suckers can’t not be good with that much butter!  I’ve tried a lot of the chocolate chip cookie recipes on Pinterest- including the one with cream cheese.  Mmmm those ones looked yummy.  But they weren’t.  Nothing beats these.  So please.  If you try a new chocolate chip cookie recipe make it be this one.  I promise.  You will not regret it!
This yields like… oh a million and a half cookies.  You’ll most likely need to half it!

  • Ooo!!! I am going to have to try these! Thanks for the recipe!

  • This is my go to chocolate chip cookie recipe! I love them! This must be the doubled recipe. I’ve never made this much before.

  • Oh. my. goodness. Drooling. I feel like I need to make these this week.

  • Is it really 4 CUPS of butter?? Or did you mean 4 sticks? Thats a lotta butter!!!

  • So what is 4 cubes of butter then? 4 tbs?

  • They look awesome!

  • Wait, so how much butter is it then? Because I doubt it is eight sticks of butter. Haha.

  • I LOVE the butter type-o! Haha!!! I just got some mini peanut butter cups (they are like the size of big chocolate chips) from the bulk bin at one of my favorite stores. I’ve been looking for a good recipe to try them in! This may be it!!!

  • What does 4 cubes of butter mean? Is that 4 sticks?

  • Ha ha so sorry for the confusion! I just went in and fixed my recipe card. So to clear that up. It’s 4 sticks or cubes of butter. We call them cubes in my house but apparently most people call them sticks?! Ha ha whatever it is, it’s four sticks or cubes of butter! Hope that helps!!

  • Thanks so much, Abby. I’m excited to try this. {One cannot have too many chocolate chip cookie recipes!}

    Warmly, Michelle