Victoria Secret Curls

September 12, 2012

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So many of you have been asking for a tutorial on how I get my curls.  This one is for you!  And thanks again to the wonderful Haylee over at Lou La Belle Photography.  She’s a lifestyle photographer located in the Utah County area.  If you’re getting married, having a baby or just need some great pictures of yourself or your family check her out.  She’s beautiful and so are her pictures.This would be one of the only styles I truly love love my ombre.  Anything else and it’s just… meh.

I used the  Tri Barrel Curling Wand from Jose Eber in this tutorial.  .  It creates soft and natural looking waves and worth every single penny.  I prefer wands over regular curling irons because they create more natural looking curls and waves that are free of kinks, ridges and crimped ends.  As you twist your hair around the barrel, the heat is focused on the roots and not the tips and causes less damage to your hair.  The Tri Barrel Wand is such a great investment.  You’re not wasting 30 bucks on some gold plated Hot Tools something or other that’s going to damage your hair and break after a year of use.  You’re investing in a product that will last you the rest of your life.  You’ll never need another curling iron or wand.  This one will do it all.  Ha!  Tell that to your husband when he says “you’re spending how much?!”  “Babe.  It’s an INVESTMENT”! ha ha

I’ve really loved the Jose Eber products though and I highly HIGHLY recommend them  << they are not paying me to say this.

Enjoy the tutorial!

  • You have the most wonderful hair! I love all your tutorials!

  • Hi Abby what is the name and brand of the product you used in your hair? Where do you get it?

    • If you open up the video in youtube there is a link there. It’s Hanna Shine by
      It’s amazing. Expensive- but lasts forever

  • Great tutorial. Why do you iron the ends though? I wear my hair like this a lot, and normally just keep the curl in the end. Thanks Abby.

    • I just like the look of it. Every time I don’t flat iron the ends it just doesn’t lay right and looks too curly or something. I feel like if I iron the ends it’s more wavy…? ha ha! You can definitely curl the ends though, that’s pretty too! Try ironing the ends though… let me know what you think?!

    • Okay, so I didn’t iron the ends this morning, but I did hold them out about an inch to an inch and a half from the wand while I curled. So they were left straight, but I didn’t have to do double-duty. It looks great. I hadn’t thought about that before.

  • Oh my I am absolutely loving your hair. I used your picture over at my blog for you cute hair. I hope that is okay. You look gorgeous with it.

    • Oh you’re sweet! Thanks! And cute blog!!

  • Your beautiful!! Thanks for sharing this!! I’ve tried millions of ways to curl my hair n it always doesn’t look right or goes flat, probly doesn’t help with my 1 year old pulling on it lol! But maybe I’ll have to get the wand!

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  • Vivian Petrona

    Hey Abby I wanted to know what kind of wand brands do you use because I want a wand where you can change the different sizes