Burp Cloths made from Cloth Diapers

January 7, 2013

Favorite burp cloths hands down.  They’re made out of cloth diapers which are super absorbent.  Add a little bit of flannel to them and they become super soft and so cute!  I received a few of these from my shower and they are now the only ones I use.  I also have some that my friend made for me where she just sewed two strips of ribbon down the front folds.  I love those one too!  Cloth diapers… who’d have thought?!
You will need:
A package of cloth diapers.  They can be hard to find.  You can get them on amazon or Target is where I bought mine.  I know that Babies R Us has some too.  They should be 14×20 with two folds.
Strips of flannel of your choice.  I got a 1/4 of a yard for each pattern.  I have enough fabric left over to make one maybe two more burp cloths per pattern.
Sewing machine, scissors, thread and iron
First, you’ll need to wash the cloth diapers.  They’re going to shrink a whole bunch so don’t be surprised.  Next wash your flannel.  It will prevent the colors from bleeding onto the white burp cloths.  The flannel will probably get tangled up in the dryer.  Just untangle the fabric, cut off the fraying edges and iron the fabric before beginning.
Step 1- Lay out your fabric on your cloth diaper
Step 2- Fold one side of your fabric and iron
Step 3- Figure out how wide you want your fabric to be on the burp cloth.  I wanted mine larger than the pre-folds on the diapers.  It’s all personal opinion though.

Step 4- Now that you have your widths ironed, cut the corners, fold them under and iron

Step 5- Pin the flannel to your burp cloth
And repeat… over and over and over!

Step 6- Start sewing

Make sure your need is down when you turn the fabric

Aren’t they so cute?!

My sister-in-law just had a baby girl and my little sister is having a baby boy in three weeks.  A mother can never have too many burp cloths!

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  • Amy

    love! I need to make some 🙂

  • Hi!!!! You’re so sweet Abby! I can’t wait to see the post on the poms! I bet they’re amazing 🙂 Your blog is ADORABLE BTW! These cloths are precious. Thanks so much again and Happy New Year! 🙂

  • Love them~ could not find diapers anywhere so I bought soft terry cloth at Joann’s Fabrics! These are adorable. Thank you for posting. My daughter just had an adorable baby girl 🙂

  • Great tutorial! thanks for sharing.

  • bee

    loves loves loves! i’ve been cranking these bad boys out all morning. thank you for your straight-forward, easy-to-follow post on burp cloths…as someone new to sewing, easy is good in my world!

    you totally rock!

  • does the flannel face up or face down when feeding?

    • Abby

      I’m not sure I understand your question. So the print will face up when it’s over your shoulder!!