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Photos by Trina Harris Photography

When a person turns 27 she’s earned the right to traipse around in huge skirts, smile way too big and be proud that balloons still make her happy.  I keep telling myself I’m still 20.  I mean… if the shoe fits right?!  It was definitely a coincidence that the 30|30 challenge and site re-launch fell on my birthday.  I have to admit, I’m really excited I get to share all these fun moments with you guys today!

Here’s how the challenge is going to run.  Every night at 8:00 pm there will be a new hairstyle and video tutorial.  I’m really trying to grow my NEW YouTube channel so I would love for you subscribe and follow along.  I will be around for thirty minutes after I post each night to answer any comments or to just chat with you guys about whatever.  I really want to get to know you better and I hope that this challenge helps you guys become more confident in styling your hair!

To kick it all off, I thought I’d giveaway a Kindle Fire HD with The Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook- Kindle Edition.  The kindle edition is great because the video tutorials are loaded onto the book.  It makes hairstyling that much easier.  Make sure to spread the word, and I will see you guys here tomorrow at 8 pm sharp for day one! EEEEK!!!


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    1. Kaylee

      I don’t know where she got it, but I know how to make them, if you want to know, visit Jenny over at ShowMeCute.com, she has a blog post about how to make these and an awesome idea about how to use them and a few accessories as a Halloween costume. Just go to ShowMeCute.com and search “Tulle Skirt Costumes” !!!

      Kaylee :D

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  3. Rachel Crisman

    Hey beautiful….HAPPY BIRTHDAY WITH SPRINKLES ON TOP!!!! Wishing you the best and happiest birthday EVER!!! I have been telling myself I am just 20 for many years now….it works for me!!! HA! Enjoy and be well.

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