Bohemian Knotted Hairstyle with Extensions

September 30, 2015






Well I am just a tad bit obsessed with this hairstyle.  It doesn’t take long to create, works well with dirty hair and the whole messy undone look is just really doin’ it for me.  I hope you guys enjoy the tutorial!  I’m using my hair extensions – without them the tails just wouldn’t have been long enough to continue the knots.  I’ve been using my Luxies lately, you can use the code LUXYABBY for $5.00 off and I believe mine are the ash blonde.  I’ve really loved them and they compare nicely to the Laced Hair Extensions.  If you’re on a budget and don’t need a ton of wefts, but just looking for something that will make your braids thicker or to add more volume, the 120 gram is a great option!!  Also, if you’re having issues with the knots falling out, it’s most likely because your hair is too clean.  This really is a hairstyle that you want to have dirty hair for!!


Happy viewing – who knew it would be so easy right?!

  • That’s really cute! I love hairstyles that you can do on dirty hair… cause some days ain’t nobody got time to wash it hehe 🙂


  • Love this hair style. I am trying to decide which type of hair extensions to purchase. Can you give me your advice. I have never used them before. You can send an email if you want.


  • Ruth

    Hey I just came across ur blog. Awesome styles. But I have thin long black hair. Im 30. How to style my hair? Ne ideas