5 Workout Hairstyles

June 16, 2016

There are a couple videos that keep getting requested… how I grew my eyelashes (it’s coming I swear!!!) and workout hairstyles!  I’ve already done a video of my favorite workout styles but here is another round up of a few trending styles I’ve seen around lately.  I hope you enjoy the video and the few tips I share at the end on how to save your curls when exercising + ways to get around washing it after a good sweat sesh.

Style #1 – Pigtail Buns


Style #2 Faux Hawk Messy Bun



Style #3 Boxer Braids



Style #4 – Braided Ponytail


Style #5 — this one is more of a hint on how to keep curls in tact while exercising!


If you like these styles, don’t forget to check out my other workout hairstyles video here!

Love you guys!

  • Love these hairstyles, I need to wear one like this everyday or I will get ALL of my hair pulled out by my little girl!


  • I love the pig tails! I am totally doing them next time I go to the gym. 🙂

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  • Alicia

    I did the 2 braids and ponytail today and went to the gym. My bf loved it and it stayed while I jogged on the treadmill. I love it. Going to do this more often:)

  • It’s not workout hairstyles. It’s “Wow” hairstyles simple smart shape, awesome idea, looking classy finish with diffy style tho!

  • Cynda

    That messy bun is amazing! I’d probably spend more time on my hair than I would spend working out… That’s ok right?! Hahaha!