Rise And Shine!

April 10, 2017

Riiiise and shiiiine!!!  It’s only 9am, I’m goin’ on 5 hours of sleep, I’ve dealt with 4 tantrums (all from Savy), 3 dirty diapers 😳, 2 bowls of egg all over the floor and literally the cutest baby bed head you’ve ever seen in your life.  It’s bound to be a beautiful week my friends!  I just wanted to say thank you so much for your encouragement last night on instagram.  You guys have no idea how much you mean to me!  I’m sorry I don’t respond to all your comments, but I read every single one of them.  And sometimes I even click on your profiles and stalk your beautiful feeds wishing we could be best friends in real life!

Today I’m sharing nothing more than a simple outfit post… but c’mon, it’s a good one #amiright?!  The floral top, the shoes, the braid, THE BAG, the lighting.  It was a goooood niiiight!  Unfortunately the navy floral is out of stock on the shirt, but they have two other colors that are super cute and the fit is so flattering!  PLUS my blush bag is still in stock!  I can’t tell you the number of outfits I’ve worn this with, it goes with everything and is the perfect little bag when you just need something to hold your essentials!  

Lip Color: LipSense Caramel Apple.  It’s out of stock right now but email me at twistmeprettylips {@} gmail and I’ll put you on the waiting list!

The clutch just sold out, waahhhh!!!  There is a similar one herehere here and here

Similar hair tutorial here: Soft Dutch Braid or a Braided Bun

but those tassels though…

You guys know I’m obsessed with my pop socket, right?!  If you have an iPhone plus or a larger android, YOU NEED A POPSOCKET!!!  Or I’ve heard good things about the loopey cases, or the rings?  Anyway, I love my pop socket.  I use it to stand my phone up when the kids are watching a show, I use it when holding the phone out to take group photos or selfies, and it’s just basically the best for working my phone with one hand even with the massive screen.  Mmk that’s all.  Thanks for listening ha ha!

And a motivation quote to get you through the rest of your day:

If you were able to believe in Santa Clause for like 8 years, you can believe in yourself for 5 minutes.   

Love you babes!

  • Jenelle Lubig

    So pretty! ❀️