And Then I Ate An Entire Batch of Cookies…

June 5, 2017

So remember how I was doing #sugarlessspring? Oh I was all in… and then three days later I ate an entire batch of cookies πŸ˜³… I guess if you’re gonna cheat, you better make it count!  After that the motivation just died…  I’m not proud of myself.  I’m recommitting cause I literally cannot be owned by sugar anymore.  But here’s what I’ve learned —  life happens, man!  And sometimes you just need to eat the batch of cookies.  And sometimes instead of working out you just need to watch an entire season of Survivor on Netflix.  And sometimes, you just need to let your kids eat Wendy’s or cereal for dinner… four nights in a row.

But then sometimes you need to pull yourself together.  Jump back on that wagon.  Go grocery shopping and cook something healthy for dinner.  Throw all those cookies away because they’re just gonna tempt you and chug your water instead of the soda you think you want.  And sometimes you need to work your little heart out, answer all your emails and do your thang because at the end of the day no one else is gonna do it for you.

It’s about BALANCE people.  Give yourself grace.  Allow yourself to mess up and be lazy.  And let yourself burn the midnight oil to finish projects or get ahead at work.  Or the laundry.  This week I’m off to a good start and COME HELL OR HIGH WATER I am strong enough to resist sugar, UGH.  Why does it have such a hold on me?!!!

For those of you that completed the #sugarlessspring challenge, are you glad you did it?  Do you feel so much stronger?  Healthier?  I wanna know how it went!  And if you wanna do it again or start it up with me this week, I’d love love to have you do it with me!  

These are the cutest shoes EVER!!!  I wear them to church with dresses, and they’re comfi enough to wear while chasing the kids around.   

The best diaper bag evaaaa, I NEED the mini one you guys!  It’s so cute!  They’re always out of stock though so I’ll try to remind you when they get more in!Tie Front ShirtWhite distressed jeans, more affordable pair here | Harley Sandal from Called To Surf | Diaper bag from Fawn Designs | Small Geo Necklace, I literally NEVER take it off! | Bracelets here, here, and similar gold cuff here | Watch here | Lipstick, LipSense Fuscia | And pictures were taken from my amazing sister-in-law/photographer @lunalucie.  If you’re in Utah she’s crazy affordable and has the cutest style!

And that’s it.  I sure love you!

  • Torri Mahoney

    I did sugarless spring, I wasn’t perfect but I kept going when I took a while weekend of sugar…and then ate chocolate cake and berry turnovers on my birthday. I also wasn’t crazy with it…checking the labels of all my food. I know there is sugar in ketchup and salad dressing and bread and I still used those things but I did avoid other things I normally eat like my kids fruit snacks and sugar cereal and all the treats! I also substituted honey for sugar when I was making my own stuff but I didn’t go out of my way to make sure I had absolutely no sugar. I felt really good while I was doing it and more in control and even started to lost weight again after being stuck in a plateau! I would love to do it again!! I haven’t felt as good this last week letting myself eat sugar again!

  • Hannahrose Jordan

    I have a recently diagnosed intestinal problem which prevents me from being able to eat basically anything that tastes good without severe intestinal consequences. I have a need anything sweet besides things sweetened with honey for three months and slowly but surely I think I am losing the sugar addiction. It sucks that take something painful and uncomfortable to get you to stop eating sugar!

  • Beth

    Where are these shoes from?