Happy Birthday Babies!

June 9, 2017

Happy Birthday boys!  I’m honestly in denial they’re two…

So let’s get real for a second.  These babies have consumed my entire life the past couple years.  It’s been the craziest of rides and they’ve brought more joy and stress than I can even put into words!  I definitely struggle at times with feeling like we’re being held back… we just can’t be adventurers with two two year olds, ya know?!  I know that finding joy in the simple things is enough right now and that that’s what I need to focus on.  They make me laugh my head off every single day with their shenanigans.  They make me carry them up the stairs for nap time, they scream for hand hugs while we’re driving in the car.  They make me stay on a schedule because I’m literally afraid of what will happen if they’re not down for their naps on time!  It’s definitely been a sacrifice for everyone because honestly, how do you go to the pool with two two year olds?  Or to the park?  Which one do you save when they dart in different directions?  So we stay home a lot.  And the big kids have been suffering and I’ve had all the mom guilt.  But I’ve realized that having siblings is a sacrifice for the whole family.  It’s hard right now.  SO hard right now.  But in another couple of years the four of them will be BEST friends who need each other.  Who entertain each other!  Who help each other and love each other and defend each other.  They’re teaching Boston and Savy how to serve, how to be kind and share and just be selfless.  They’re teaching me and Brian how to manage our time, our energy, how to stay a team even when we feel divided.  I’m so grateful for these two, for the dynamic they add to our family.  And even when we need to leave a restaurant five minutes into sitting down because they’re both freaking out and Brian and I are totally overwhelmed, they’re worth it.  And smooching their little fat rolls in between their necks will never get old.  And listening to their special little language will never get old.  And watching them need each other will never ever get old.

So the moral of my story is if you’re deep in the trenches try focusing on enjoying the little things.  Don’t compare yourself to other moms.  Don’t do it.  Comparison truly is the joy thief.  Know that God is real and He’s very much involved in your life and that this phase is going to go by so quickly you’ll one day miss it!

A BIG HUGE thank you to Megan from the Sweet Tooth Fairy.  I texted her the night before our spontaneous birthday party and she whipped up a cake, cupcakes and cake bites in two seconds for us!  Not only did they turn out darling, but they ARE SO DELICIOUS!!!  Dang I’m craving those cake bites so BAD right now! 

Kai bug is fearless.  What I love about him, though, is that at the end of the day he’s still a big fat baby who needs all the snuggles!  He will climb anything and everything.  Several times I’ve found him just chillin’ on the counter pushing our pendants back of forth laughing his head off.  Or he’s scaled the book cases and is dangling his little legs off the edge.  Or he’s found his way into one of the windows up high and is screaming for help because he can’t get down.  He’s a total thrill seeker but the second his feelings are hurt, or his confidence waivers even just a tiny bit, he turns into my little baby two year old that needs his thumb and blanket to calm down. He’s still working on learning his words but one he knows without hesitation is Daddy.  I love seeing Kai light up when Daddy comes home from work!  He giggles at everything and those big dimples melt my heart.

Coopey!  He’s the sweetest, smartest little nugget I just wanna squish his face off!  He is so smart, takes time to think things through and learn how things work.  He’s become a little chatter box lately and talks to us in complete sentences!  I feel like he’s really come out of his shell this year.  He wants to be independent and definitely doesn’t need mom or dad hangin’ around to feel confident.  He’s surprisingly become this brave little boy who seeks adventure.  He LOVES being naked and HATES getting dressed.  He’s been making this face lately where he squints his eyes into little half moons and spreads his lips into the biggest smile and then just holds it, waiting for us to see him and laugh!  He doesn’t give up and will keep trying and pushing himself until he can get it right.  He loves getting into my makeup and pulling all the things out of all the drawers.  If you ask him to clean it up though, he totally will.  He loves attention, talking to people and getting smooched by all the girls.

High chairs are from Amazon hereBefore I go, I just wanted to thank you guys for being so supportive of me this past year.  Honestly my life is a little bit crazy and I find so much comfort sharing our journey with you.  You’re always so kind and encouraging and I don’t think you’ll know how many days you’ve pulled me through.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  • Sarah Olson

    I keep meaning to tell you I love your blog! & videos too! My 3 year old loved the latest Savvy hairstyle video! And i tried it, LOL not as cute as yours but i got really close… next time!!

  • Nic Ryan

    Love this post. So Sweet! I remember when my twins were 2 (now 4) it felt like everything was impossible, especially leaving the house…alone. I can tell you it seemed around the end of two and closer to three we began venturing, they started understanding staying somewhat close to me and it became easier to venture out by myself with them. Keep doing what you’re doing momma these years go way too fast.

  • Melissa Elpers Geittmann

    Not only do I have twins, but when they were born, I had a 12 month old and a 27 month old… as well as a 10 year old. So 4 kids in 27 months. But you will be happy to know I survived the young years. We didn’t go anywhere! Literally quarantined to only part of the house. I will never forget the day both twins could walk to the van and get in.
    It wad like a while new freedom. Wee didn’t go anywhere excel just driving around!

    We are now in the 4 teenagers years… They are 15,14,13,13. The oldest is 23 and he’s moved out. But I still need to survive the 4- in – college – at – the – same – time years!

    Having siblings is a sacrifice. I have always let my kids know that they can be in whatever they want… it’s great to try new things and be active. But they also know that mom can only be in one place at a time, and dad travels a lot for work. But we figure it out and make it work.

    Time management and organization are the most important things… still. But also, they need to know who is in charge. If they cry because you won’t carry them upstairs, its ok. Soon enough they will realize you aren’t giving in!

    Hang in there pretty lady. You’ll get through and come out a stronger lady on the other side!

  • Whitney Pegram

    You’re doing a incredible job, mama!

  • Allyce Riemenschneider

    Yes!! Right there with you as my twins are 18 months old, with two older sibs and I feel all of these things daily. You’re doing an amazing job and I’m sure you make everything so fun for them! I’ve also grown thankful for being home a lot as it’s strengthening all of our family bonds!

  • Kristina Jo Klipp

    I told you this before on FB, but you are my inspiration. You laugh with your kids when they are throwing food on the floor. You find the joy in EVERYTHING! I always show my husband your IG Stories and I say I want to be more like her. Because even though you have all of this stress, you totally are not showing it at all. I am very OCD and a freak about our twin’s schedule and they are only 9 months! So i totally get you. But just know that you are an inspriation to other twin moms, who want to throw in the towel when they are going different directions or spitting out their food. I have learned to laugh through the hard things just like you do. Thank you for being YOU!!!!

  • I have just found your blog and I have found this so encouraging so far! My oldest turned 2 in April (just a few months before your twins), my second is 10 and a half months old and I am pregnant with twins (due right around my toddlers 3rd bday). I am excited and overwhelmed all at once. Reading your posts have already been so encouraging and I look forward to reading more of what you have written. It’s nice to see someone in a similar position – most people that I know who have twins have it as their first set of babies and sometimes that makes it extra scary to have as the 3rd/4th! Thanks for your honesty and for taking the time to write!