5 Basic Tee HACKS!

August 24, 2017

This shirt 😍.  It’s literally the best thing I’ve ever worn.  It’s just one of those pieces that makes me so dang happy, ya know?!!!  Like, how can you wear a strawberry shirt and be mad?  You can’t.  You don’t.  It’s basically impossible.  I got it for super cheap at Asos and it reminded me of a few hacks I’ve been meaning to share with you.  You ready?  Before we get into it I wanted to tell you that my sweet friend Trina Harris took these photos for me.  She’s a professional photographer here in Utah + California and she’s AMAZING!!  Do you remember these family photos?  Yup.  Trina took them.  She’s super affordable so if you’re in the area go follow her on facebook and get in touch!

My favorite basic tee hacks.  These aren’t suuuuuper special, so don’t set your hopes too high 😂 ha ha but hopefully you’ll find at least one of them useful!

1.  If you’re wanting a tee that’s a little bit trendy, something maybe with a bold pattern like these strawberries, buy it cheap.  Chances are the trend will be out next summer or fall, so you won’t need it to be made of super amazing/expensive fabric, or you’ll wear it a bunch and then get bored with it.  I always like to try out trends and playful patterns on cheaper pieces 👊🏻.

2.  Tuck!!!  Especially if your tee is a little oversized or baggy, it’ll give you just a little bit of shape.  Also if you’re short like me, it’ll just always always look better.  I’ve actually been getting a lot of questions about how I tuck my shirts in and I’m always a little confused… cause… I just tuck them in! Ha!  But I guess there is a method to my madness.  So here’s what you’re gonna do.  Pull your pants out, so they’re away from your body, and hold them out with your non-dominate hand in the center of the pants.  Then you’re going to hold the hem of your tee with your dominate hand.  You’re going to hold it where you want it tucked, I prefer off center.  Then tuck it in and release your pants.  That it!

3. If a tee is too long, knot it!  I have an example here and I do this alllll the time with bigger tees when I’m wearing leggings or workout pants.  This works especially well when you have high waisted jeans or pants on.  I just knot it around two fingers, pull the knot up and through, and then if there’s extra fabric, drape it over the knot… did you guys follow that?  I feel like I need to hop on instagram real fast and show you!  Find me @twistmepretty and I’ll share it all on my insta-stories tomorrow!

4. Be intentional with your accessories.  Just because you’re wearing a basic tee, or even a super cheap one, doesn’t mean you can’t elevate your outfit.  Throw on a hat, add a jacket, make sure you’re wearing a bunch of bracelets.  Throw on a bold lip!  Add a cute bag!  Wear a braid!!!  Any of these ones should do!  All of those accessories are going to add dimension, texture and interest which is going make your simple outfit look intentional and so dang cute!

5.  I feel like I had a fifth buuuuuut I can’t think of it.  Four is good, right?! 

Shirt | Jeans | Shoes | Bag | Hat | Bracelet | Earrings | LipStick (Strawberry Shortcake)
Photography: Trina Harris Photography

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In the comments below let me know where your favorite places are to buy your tees.  Is it boutiques? Have you found amazing shirts on Amazon?  Do you love Asos or Gap?  Dish in the comments, I’d love to know where you guys are testing out the trends!!!

  • Alyssa J

    Hey what size of this shirt are you wearing?

    • Abby Smith

      I’m wearing a small!

  • Julie

    J Crew Factory has had some of my favorite tees. The fabric is a little thicker and they hold up to multiple washings. Which as you have toddlers, you understand the spills…

  • Britani

    I have been LOVING a new online shop my friend and her sisters opened. Go to shopbybeck.com and check it out. I promise you won’t be disappointed! 😊❤️
    -xo- Britani Bowles

  • Adri Slezak

    I love getting basic T shirts from Asos, Target, and online boutiques. Mindy Maes Market is one of my faves for sure!!! Love the cute strawberry shirt! 🙂