Back to School | Casual Outfit for Mom

August 9, 2017

“Back to school, back to school… to prove to mommy I’m not a fool”.  Can anyone name that movie?!  Summer is starting to wind down and I’m starting to feel like there’s light at the end of the tunnel!  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my kids.  They’re the best!  I’ve loved our lazy mornings, spending time with family visiting from out of state and just having the freedom to drop whatever to go somewhere fun!  But it’s been so busy.  Do you feel like this, too?  I kind of feel like I’m just dropping all the balls if you know what I mean πŸ˜‚!  It’s been hard to actually get stuff done cause there’s always someone around needing something and it’s been impossible to find a baby sitter because everyone seems to be out of town.  It will be so good to get back into a routine.  I think we all need it at this point!!

With school just a couple weeks away, I thought I’d share an outfit that is literally on repeat.  These are staples that every mom needs in her closet.  Some comfy black jeans #slimming, a good white tee that doesn’t need an undershirt, a casual denim jacket and cute sneaks.  I’m all about elevating a good basic outfit with some cute accessories like a hat, sunglasses, jewelry or bag.  Honestly that’s what makes an outfit sing ha ha!!  Just a couple of extra pieces that look intentional.  I bought the one Quinn set of bracelets, it was a little pricey but between those bracelets and then a good bangle, gold watch or a Gorjana power stone bracelet, I don’t need anything else.  

What are you favorite staples?  I love love this white shirt but want to find a v-neck tee that doesn’t need an undershirt.  Have you found one?  

You can shop my outfit here:

I snagged these Quay sunglasses at Nordstrom during the sale but I just spotted them at Urban Outfitters and they’re on $60!!  They’re so cute!  Savy keeps stealing them and wears them around while playing dress up ha ha!

And New Balance sneaks because… well why would you wear anything else?  Sneakers are totally in right now and I’m going to take full advantage!  I got these ones at DSW along with shoes for all the kids.  Is there seriously anything cuter than a size 5 baby sneaker?  No.  No there is not!

I’m wearing LipSense, that’s literally all I wear these days.  If you want to try some, email me at twistmeprettylips {@} and I can help you pick out the perfect color for your skin tone!  The color I’m wearing here is fusica, which is a discontinued color, but I can find you something similar that you’ll love just as much!!  

White Tee: here (I have two of these and am obsessed) | Jean Jacket: I bought this one at the Anniversary sale but found a similar one here | Jeans: similar here and here | Sneakers: here | Sunglasses: here.  I bought mine at Nord and I’m fairly positive spent a whole bunch more than $60! | Hat: I have this one, a similar one here though.  I actually love the brim on the one in stock a little bit more! | Backpack: here | Geo Necklace: here and Initial Necklace: here | Bracelets: here and here 

Have you been back to school shopping yet?  What are you favorite basics?  Seriously, drop them in the comments!!  You can never have too many white tees!

Love you babes!  Thanks for reading!