How To Become A LipSense Distributor

August 15, 2017

One of the questions I’m asked all the time is how to become a LipSense Distributor? I decided it was finally time to share my story with the masses and dish all the details for those of you who are wanting to know.  Maybe you’ve had a friend who has done really well selling LipSense and you’ve felt a little tug to start doing it yourself?  Maybe you’re in love with the product and think it’d be a great way to earn a little extra cash on the side?  Or maybe you’re tired of the 9-5 and want to replace your income altogether by working for yourself and doing something you love?  Whatever your reasons are, you’ve searched this post because you have questions and want some dang answers already!  I gotchu girl.

A little background story real quick!  I signed up as a LipSense distributor 💄 because I was looking for another source of income.  I had been using LipSense exclusively for a few months and new that I loved the product.  It was something I felt I could easily integrate into what I was already doing here on the blog and social media and I just felt like it was such a good fit for me!  I didn’t have huge expectations but knew that my family could benefit from another little side hustle and that I didn’t have much to lose because it’s only $55 to sign up.  So I dove head first and just did it!  

Five months later and I’ve nearly doubled my husbands income and my team is over 600 girls strong.  Now you might think it’s because I’m a blogger.  And in all honesty, that’s been a huge perk.  I’ve spent the last five years of my life learning the ins and outs of this online world.  I’ve learned how to create a community on social media and take beautiful images that inspire!  BUT.  Let me stop you right there because that has not been why I’ve been successful.  And why hundreds of other women who are not bloggers have been successful.  My team has had amazing success because we work hard and I’ve helped them learn how to stand out.  How to take awesome content, how to leverage the power of social media, and how to be authentic to themselves and their new brand.  If you join my team, you will not be left alone.  We have been working so hard on trainings that will teach you how to market yourself so that you can work smarter and not harder.  Strategies that will get you outside of your network of friends and help you sell to people you don’t even know 🙌🏻!

Most people are nervous they’re gonna be that annoying friend on Facebook… you know the one.  We all have them!!  Hustlers who are working so hard but just doing it the wrong way.  And it’s because they don’t have leaders who are teaching them!  I’m going to help you naturally integrate LipSense into your life without being pushy or sales-y and help you get out of your network of friends by teaching you how to grow your visibility on Facebook and Instagram.  And all that might sound a little bit overwhelming, but I swear it’s not.  It’s soooo MUCH FUN!  You will never be disappointed when you invest in yourself.  Oh, and I also just need to say… my team is kinda awesome!!!  I’ve had SO much fun getting to personally know the girls on my team and we’ve definitely become family.  On top of that, there are free cars and free trips and it just becomes this fun network of friends that you never knew you needed.

So that’s my story in a nut shell! Let’s get down to specifics shall we?! 


How much does it cost to be a LipSense Distributor?

  • It’s $55 dollars to sign up as a distributor.  The fee is annual, so it’s like getting a Costco membership, you’ll need to renew it in a year from when you sign up!

What discount do I get if I sign up?

  • Well that depends on how much you spend!  Any order will receive at least 20% off, but up to 50%.  I place larger orders once a month and always hit that top tier discount.  So for every tube of LipSense I sell, I make a 50% profit.  I tell my girls who don’t have the cash flow, to pre sell 7 collections so that when they place an order, they’ve already sold the product they’re buying + a few for their personal inventory and then they’re getting it all 40% off!
  • If you aren’t interested in selling it at whole sale, and your orders are smaller, you’ll get at least 20% off.  Distributors are only allowed to give a 15% discount on product so you will still be getting a better deal than from any sale you’ll find online!

Do I have to sell in order to become a distributor?

No way!  I have a ton of girls who signed up just for the discount.  Like I said above, a distributor is only allowed to sell LipSense at 15% off.  So if you become a distributor, you’ll be getting a better discount than anyone one of us can give you.  If you love the product, become a distributor and buy it at wholesale!

How much money will I make?

  • It just depends on how much time and energy you’re wanting to invest!  I have girls on my team that are making a few extra hundred dollars a month, putting in a couple hours a week and selling to their friends and family.  They aren’t pushing their sales or really recruiting a team but they’re having fun and making what they want!  And then on the flip side I have girls who are building a team, selling product out the wazoo and earning thousands.  Because money motivates I’ll just say that I have several friends who are making over 50K a MONTH.  A month you guys.  The money is legit 😍. 

Are you still accepting new recruits?

I stopped recruiting for several months because I wanted to make sure my team was taken care of.  I needed enough bandwidth to serve them all the way they deserved.  I have learned so much over the last few months and am so excited to be opening up my team again!  So yes, until you hear otherwise, my team is finally open to like minded women who are eager to learn, willing to work hard and excited to grow in a new adventure! 

Why should I become a LipSense distributor?

Well, first off cause it’s the cool thing to do?  haha, no just kidding.  If you love the product though, becoming a distributor just makes sense.  Some perks:

  1. 1 – Earn 20-50% off all orders
    2 – It’s only $55 to sign up.  I don’t know of a better invested fifty five bucks.  Seriously though, I just spent $50 on dinner last night that mostly ended up on the floor because #twins.  You really have nothing to lose and if this peaks your interest, you need to believe in yourself and invest in yourself because you are important and your dreams matter and this is something that you can do and would be great at!!!  
  2. 3 – The income potential is insane.  The company is just a baby right now so it’s the perfect time to get in on the ground level.  But you’re gonna have to work for it…. after all, nothing in life is free 🤓.
  3. 4 – SeneGence makes it so fun!  You can earn free trips 🌴, a new car 🚙 , products💄 annnd you also get to become my bestie so there’s that too 😂.
    5 – And last but not least – it’s SUCH an easy sell.  You don’t have to feel greasy selling it to your friends because trust me, they’re gonna be the ones banging on your door.  And if they’re not?  I’ll take you under my wing baby bird, we’re gonna get it done together 👊🏻!  

Have I answered your questions?  Let me know if there’s something I missed and I’ll be happy to update!  Are you ready to jump in head first?  Here are the steps to sign up to become a LipSense Distributor:

1. Click here and it will take you to the SeneGence signup page. 

2. Verify that it says that Abby Smith is your sponsor

3. On the next screen enter in your contact information

4. When it asks for a fictitious business name, put in your first and last name (this is who your checks will be made out to)

5. Click that you want the new distributor package and you are done!

Once you’ve signed up I’ll get an email from SeneGence that you have joined my team (woohoo!) and I will send you an email that welcomes you to our team and gives you more information on how to get started.  Then over the next few weeks I will email you with more tips and tricks to help you succeed in this business!

Leave me a comment or shoot me an email (twistmeprettylips {@} if you have any further questions.  Can’t wait to meet you!

  • Ashley Jasek

    Very interested in signing up 🙂 I haven’t tried lipsense yet but I’m very intrigued 🙂

  • Adri Slezak

    I love LipSense! What is your favorite everyday color? My go to lately is always Pink Champagne.

    • Abby Smith

      I love Pink Champagne! I also wear Bella and Roseberry a lot too!

  • jacquelyn @justjacq

    Thanks for the info! I have 2 questions about something I saw on another blog about being a distributor. 1. Do you have to purchase a certain amount each month or quarter or whatever time period? 2. Do you have to attend training? Thanks!

    • McCall Christensen Johnson

      I know I’m not Abby, but I know the answer so I thought I’d jump in. You have to order $100 worth of product every 6 months to remain an “active” distributor.
      2. you don’t have to attend any trainings (until you become higher up in the company, then you do have to) but the company does provide some if you’d like to go.

  • Katie Kotkowski

    I have always wanted to try LipSense, but stop myself because I’m not sure which color to buy without trying it/seeing it in person first. Do you have any tips on how to choose which color to buy or is there anyway of sampling? I do wear bold lipstick on the regular, so I am not afraid of color!

    • Abby

      Hey girl!!! Of course!!! If you join my fb group, I do color matching all the time! Or you can just email me a picture of yourself and I’ll give you my top recommendations!!! or!

    • Abby Smith

      Hi Katie! Send me an email with a picture of yourself and some colors your naturally drawn to. Do you like neutral colors or bright pinks and reds?!

  • Andrea Fernández

    Hi Abby, I am interested in being part of this! But I always have second thoughts cause it’s not the first time I’ve tried joining companies like this and it has been disappointing. I am a student, and I’ve lost money doing this, although I have worked hard. And I know I wouldn’t even dare to try something like this again, except that it comes from you. And although it might be hard to believe, I follow you since 2014, I even sent you an emailed once and you answered, and you’re one of my biggest inspirations; so I kind of trust you even if I don’t personally know you. I have so many dreams, desires, but I can’t still find my way and concretize what my heart wants. My mind tells me not to do this again, but I think I am ready to jump in head first. So how does this work?

    • Abby Smith

      Hey beautiful girl! Thanks so much for your comments!!! Investing in yourself can be scary! I encourage my team to pre-sell product. That way the only they’re gambling on is the sign up fee which is $55. I think it’s worth the risk for sure! I’d love to help you if it’s still something you’re looking at. Email me at xo