10 Medium Length Hairstyles!

December 22, 2017

Hey everybody!!!  I’m so excited to share this video with you, it’s been quite the project to finish up!  I recently trimmed my hair and took out all my extensions so I thought it’d be fun to share some hairstyles that work well with medium length to short hair.  I did several of these styles on my friend with a short bob and they looked so cute on her!  If your hair is to at least your collar bones though, all these styles will look amazing on you.  Before we get to the 10 medium length hairstyles, I wanted to mention that I’m giving away 10 copies of my new hairstyle book on YouTube!!

Have any of you seen me chatting about it on InstaStories?!  It’s called Twist Me Pretty Braids and I’m soooo excited it’s finally out!!!  I’ve been working on it since January and the publishing house I worked with let me have full control over the design and aesthetic so it’s totally my little baby!  I’m so proud of it!  It works hand in hand with my other books and none of the styles have been repeated.  It’d make an amazing present/gift for Christmas for a sister or friend!  Put it with a cute hairbrush, some of your favorite hairspray and bobby pins?!  You can snag it on Amazon, it’s at Walmart, Target, in all bookstores and several boutique shops across the country so if you’re out and about, keep an eye out for it!  I can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on it!!    

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Alright folks, let’s dive into these 10 medium length hairstyles and what content you’ll see in my YouTube video this week!

Hairstyle #1 Floating Braid – 

For this style all you need to do is pin up a section of hair near the crown, make sure to leave some pieces out near your face, and secure in place with criss crossing bobby pins.  // Then take a small section of hair near the part on the thicker side and do three stitches of a dutch braid.  // Then turn it into a regular braid all the way down.  // Once the braid reaches the back, you’re going to stretch it out and then wrap it over the bobby pins and secure on the other side with bobby pins.

Hairstyle #2 Rolled Bun – 

You’re going to put your hair back into a ponytail and then make a little hole with your fingers right above the elastic.  // Then flip the hair up and down through that hole //  If you have a little bit more length, take the ends and roll them through one more time.  // Then use bobby pins to secure the roll and any pieces that fall out. //  If you have super short hair, do this hairstyle as a half-up style instead!

Hairstyle #3 Edgy Braid –  This hairstyle is super cute on really short hair! 

Clip all your hair out of the way except a thin section from your part to your ear. //  Divide the hair into three sections and begin a dutch braid. // When you get to the top of your ear just do a regular three strand braid all the way down and then holding the braid taught with one hand, you’re going to stretch the braid out so it looks a little more full.  // Then tie off the braid with a clear elastic, wrap it around your hair line by your neck and secure with a bobby pin.  // Then just lay the hair on top of the braid and you’re done!  Make sure the other side has nice volume and you’ll have a nice flirty and edgy hairstyle!

Hairstyle #4 Triple Topsy Tails – 

I’m taking a small section, a few inches behind my bangs and securing it with an elastic.  // Then you’re going to make a hole right above the elastic and flip the tail up and through.  // Gather a new section of hair and repeat two more times.  In the video I show you two ways to finish off this style!

Hairstyle #5 Braided Half Ponytail – 

Take a small section from the very front, divide it into three and begin a french braid.  //  Braid it all the way back and tie off with a ponytail holder // Then you’re going to put criss crossing bobby pins behind the elastic to add more volume to the ponytail!  You can alternatively use a small clip but I couldn’t find mine!

Hairstyle #6 The Half Bun – 

Gather the top layers of hair, smooth out any bubbles, and secure with a clear elastic //  On your last pass through the elastic, loop the tail around so it’s now above the half bun. //  Then take the tail and wrap it around the top of the bun, just keep wrapping until you’re out of hair, hold the ends in place with your thumb and secure with another clear elastic!!!  // This is one of the cutest styles, super effortless and easy but it looks really pretty!!

Hairstyle #7 Triple Buns – 

This was one of my hairstyles that went viral back in 2012, anyone remember it?!  It’s just as cute now as it was then!

Divide the hair into thirds and do three messy buns.  // Because my hair is longer, I’m doing a true messy bun because I’ve gotta hide all that length.  If you have shorter hair, just do half buns and let your ends poke out.  //  When you’ve done all three buns, you’re going to smush them together with bobby pins!

  Hairstyle #8 – 

I’m going to move my part a little bit so it’s more in the center, then gather a small section of hair and start a dutch braid.  //  About three stitches down, turn the braid into a lace braid, which basically means we’re not adding any hair to the bottom section.  //  Once you get to the back, do a regular three strand all the way down and then stretch the braid to make it look a little more full!!!  //  Tie off with a clear elastic a repeat on the other side!

Hairstyle #9 – 

This is just a vertical succession of knots.  If you don’t have the length to do knots, do little mini buns, I promise they’re so cute!  //  I’m basically taking three sections and wrapping the tail up and around two fingers, twisting my fingers back around so that I can grab the rest of that tail.  //  Then I’m pinning in place with criss crossing bobby pins.

Hairstyle #10 –

We’re going to divide the hair into three, with the largest section in the center.  //  Pull it into a low ponytail with a clear elastic.  //  Then we’re going to take one of the sides and wrap it around the ponytail, secure it in place with another clear elastic.  //  Then take the last section, wrap it around the ponytail and secure in place with a clear elastic.

And of course, if the written out steps weren’t enough, I have a video for you explaining everything with more detail.  Hopefully you’re inspired by a few of these hairstyles!!!

And for your beauty board on Pinterest…

Thanks so much for reading everybody and I hope you have such a wonderful Christmas!


  • Carol Harlow

    I love the hairstyles! Congratulations on your book! I finally grew my hair out and it’s long enough for these! If I had your book, I would use it for me and my granddaughters when they come to visit. 🤗

  • I will definitelly be doing one of these within the Holidays! Thank you for sharing them with us!

    Olga from Myme

  • Some fantastic photos there of some lovely hairstyles, enjoyed the article very much. http://www.thecottagedungannon.co.uk/

  • LOVE J

    Aw, these are so cute and easy to follow and you have a beautiful hair! xoxo


  • Dana Michelle

    Hey girl! First of all your website has been in my bookmarks for years lol! I always come here when I need some hair inspo! Just a quick question: my hair is thin and silky. Do you recommend me blow dry with mouse to create more texture that’s easier to work with!

  • Hey girl! First of all your website has been in my bookmarks for years lol! I always come here when I need some hair inspo! Just a quick question: my hair is thin and silky. Do you recommend me blow dry with mouse to create more texture that’s easier to work with! I’d love to know!


    I love the hairstyles! They’re so simple yet so elegant looking. Will be trying some out soon.

  • Christina Prachnau

    Love these as usual! I’d love some more short hair tutorials also- I know you don’t have shorter hair, and there’s other bloggers out there that do great blogs about short hair, but I just love your style! I’d love to see your creativity on shorter hair as well as how to take a longer hairstyle and adapt it for short hair. I’m slowly learning, but I need help! Lol my girls love your site tho and we’ll keep coming for inspiring dos!