My Morning Routine!

March 29, 2017

Hello hello!! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the products I’m using on my face and how I’ve cleared up my acne. So today I thought it’d be fun to take you on a little morning routine journey with me!!

First up, I wash my face. That’s a normal first step in a persons morning routine right? Usually I’m still wearing my pjs but I like to dress up nice and fancy for you guys. I’ve been using the regimen for months now, it’s done wonders for my skin. For those of you who are new, I struggled with cystic acne after my twins were born and tried nearly everything on planet earth to get rid of it. After spending hundreds of dollars at the dermatologist and buying super expensive products, I’ve finally narrowed it all down. It was the regimen and then a combo of Spiranolactone + Minocycline, prescriptions from my dermatologist, that really cleared everything up. I’ve since weaned off all the pills, I think my hormones just needed a reset, and am still using the cleanser and benzyl treatment. Their moisturizer however was leaving my skin super dry. So let us continue shall we?

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The Truth About Microblading

March 9, 2017

Today we are chatting allll about microblading. Is it worth it? How much does it cost? Does it hurt? In all honesty I wasn’t planning on doing a full blog post about it so I’m sorry that the pictures are mostly random selfies I found on my phone. I’ve been asked by so many of you though to dish all the details so I thought it’d be easier to just come here and share my experience. The good the bad and the ugly!!

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Get Ready With Me, yo!

March 2, 2017

Happy Friday!!! I’m a couple days late with this post but hey, I’m counting this video as a win!! I really didn’t think I’d get a video in… this move has seriously been the most exhausting thing that’s ever happened to me. When we moved to Ohio it was just the four of us. We didn’t have much to move and nobody was in school! Now I’ve got all these different schedules to figure out and it’s just been pretty intense. I forgot how cathartic editing videos is though, I’ve missed this whole process so much! So today I’m sharing a little get ready with me video! The makeup tutorial + the hair tutorial + a little snippet of my outfit and I hope you guys enjoy it!

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