Why It’s Important to Learn About Your Family History

September 25, 2018

Have any of you watched Relative Race?! It’s one of our families favorite shows! It’s very similar to The Amazing Race in that contestants race across the country and are given clues and challenges along the way but in this show, the teams are searching for relatives they’ve never met. Their challenges lead them to people who share the same DNA and the team who is standing at the end receives the Grand Prize of $50,000! We’re a little bit obsessed with it because it’s so fun and entertaining to watch but there’s also this sweet family element of it that just brings us all closer. BYU TV has done a great job of providing entertainment for the whole family and if you’ve got young kids or are just looking for cleaner shows to watch that have uplifting and inspiring messages, you’ve gotta check them out. Have you heard of Studio C? It’s one of their more popular shows but it’s the same network and everything can be streamed online for free.

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5 Things ALL Moms Should Be Doing With Their Boys…

September 17, 2018

Just hangin’ out with my best boy friend today, isn’t he cute?! This is Boston. He’s my oldest son and easily my favorite child!! Just kidding, I don’t have a favorite… but if I did it’d be him 😂. It’s so fun to have an eight year old. He still has his moments but for the most part they are few and far between. He loves lists, is very proactive, manages his own time and schedule, finishes his homework without being asked and for the most part helps out and is happy to do it. He’s the most reserved out of all my kids, a little bit shy and doesn’t care to be in the spotlight. Being his mom is pretty darn cool.

It’s obvious that boys are very different from girls and because my dudes just aren’t as emotionally needy as their sister, it’s sometimes easy to disconnect. I’ve been working really hard at being a better mom and I wanted to share a few things I’ve been doing that have really helped me and Boston connect. I’m not even close to being a role model parent guys, so we’re just gonna use this little list as a sweet reminder and motivator to try and love on our boys just a tiny bit more! You good with that?!

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Getting Kids To Brush Their Teeth!

September 14, 2018

Mornings are crazy!!!! Honestly the whole day is crazy with these little people but I feel it big time in the mornings when we’re trying to get out the door!! I’ll admit, I don’t have time to make sure each and every one of them has brushed their teeth. Sure I’ll ask and follow up with a quick breath check but how good are they actually brushing? How long are they brushing? Are they even using the right tooth brush?!

We were so excited when we got a box FULL of Colgate Minions products!! Why are kids so obsessed with new oral care products? And character toothbrushes? Best day of their lives! The box came with some info on their new Blippar app which features an augmented reality experience that I wanted to show you guys today because it has changed the way we brush our teeth! The kids LOVE using it and I no longer have to nag them to brush their teeth and check up on them 10 times to make sure they actually did it!

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