An Oscars Viewing Party

February 24, 2017

Who else is looking forward to the Oscars this weekend?!  It’s been a little tradition of mine for the past few years to have family and friends over for the Oscars.  There’s nothing better than relaxing on the couch with friends while eating yummy treats and voting on all the nominations!  Do you remember this ballot from 2011?  Wow time flies!  I thought it’d be fun to share a new ballot, some favorite treats and ways you guys can host your own little Oscars viewing party!  So let’s get into it! The most important part of any party is the food.  Am I right?! This is my cute little sister Hayley.  We’re at her house btw, isn’t it adorable?  She lives five minutes down the road from me, I’m so happy to be back home! Popcorn is at the top of the list for any party.  This is the Whirly pop, it makes the yummiest home made popcorn.  Make sure to add lots of butter

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More than just Chocolate!

February 10, 2017

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is right around the corner?!  I feel like V-Day has become a holiday typically celebrated by those who are in love.  My little family, though, thinks of it as a day to show appreciation for all the special people who have made an impression or impact in our lives!  Next week Boston and Savy are heading to their third school this year.  Their teachers have been so amazing, really encouraging them to make new friends, helping them get caught up on their lessons, and just loving them and making them feel welcome.  As a mother, I can’t express my gratitude enough for the wonderful teachers and bus drivers who have made such a difference in our lives this year.  When merci reached out to me, telling me that they were celebrating all the unsung heroes in the classroom, I knew I had to be a part of it!! With a name that literally means “thank you,” merci believes there is

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When You’re Given More Than You Can Bear…

January 19, 2017

Today I’m calling all angels. I’m not quite sure how to start this post… I just know I need to write it. This blog has truly given me a voice and it’s something I try to earn every day. I believe this space was given to me for a reason… to help others, to share my light, to share the not so pretty parts of motherhood or even to just validate those of you who feel alone and like your life is falling apart. Babes we’re in the same boat. Life is messy. Today one of my dearest friends, whose words have pierced deep into my soul many times and has honestly pulled me out of some deep times needs a few extra prayers from us right now.

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