Happy Birthday Babies!

June 9, 2017

Happy Birthday boys! I’m honestly in denial they’re two…

So let’s get real for a second. These babies have consumed my entire life the past couple years. It’s been the craziest of rides and they’ve brought more joy and stress than I can even put into words! I definitely struggle at times with feeling like we’re being held back… we just can’t be adventurers with two two year olds, ya know?! I know that finding joy in the simple things is enough right now. They make me laugh my head off every single day with their shenanigans. They make me carry them up the stairs for nap time, they scream for hand hugs while we’re driving in the car. They make me stay on a schedule because I’m literally afraid of what will happen if they’re not down for their naps on time! It’s definitely been a sacrifice for everyone because honestly, how do you go to the pool with two two year olds? Or to the park? Which one do you save when they dart in different directions?

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Dear Coop

April 18, 2017

Dear Coop. How is it even possible to love someone so much?!  I constantly go between wanting you to stay my sweet baby forever and being so excited to see all the wonderful things you’re going to do with this life.  You are always surprising us.  You started off as a quiet little thing who was always so happy and content.  Thank goodness because we know your brother was quite the opposite!  You were patient with me, you followed your own timeline and weren’t in any hurry to crawl or walk and you honestly didn’t have much to say.  You were the best baby this world has ever seen and oh how I wish I had been able to enjoy your gooiness just a little bit more!  And now?  Well now you’re a chatter box who isn’t afraid to voice your opinions, to bite when you feel a toy is being threatened, to kick and scream and push back when things don’t go your way!  But you know

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