Twin Bedroom Reveal | BUNK BEDS!!!

June 26, 2018

My twins boys turned three one month ago and I’ve been trying to get them into big boy beds for awhile now. I haven’t been able to pull the trigger on buying anything though because they’re my babies!!! And somehow prolonging the crib stage meant I was keeping them my babies for just a tiny bit longer. It oddly calmed my troubled mama heart!

Dorel Living reached out to me a couple weeks ago though, and challenged me to makeover their room in just two weeks using their Brady Bed found on Amazon. I knew this was the push I needed to just get it done. I made a mood board that night that helped me get an idea for what colors and products I was envisioning for the space and then I ordered everything the next day. Time was not on my side here so I couldn’t stew on different ideas and just had to run with my gut!

I’m so so happy with how it turned out!

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Kitchen and Dining Room Reveal!

February 26, 2018

Hi everyone! Welcome to our kitchen and Dining Room Reveal!! I actually just revealed our family room space and talked a lot about our home and the renovations we’ve been undergoing for the past year. If you missed it, catch up HERE!

I remember walking through our home a year ago and just falling in love with the kitchen. The white cabinetry and the massive island were some of my favorite things! But it was really dark and moody. Despite having an entire wall of windows, we just weren’t getting enough natural light into the space. There was a cabinet in our kitchen that led into a large pantry, you can see it in the picture below. It just wasn’t functional! You had to pull the cabinet doors out to open them and when you did, they’d block the walkway from the sink to the fridge. Plus they were hiding so much natural light!

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Family Room Reveal!

Well loves, the time has come. This has been THE BIGGEST LABOR OF LOVE and I’m so excited to finally share our home with you! We’ve been working on a few renovations for the past year and it’s been quite the process! Finding a contractor we wanted to work with was easily the hardest part. I think I reached out to several different companies, half of them wouldn’t return my calls, and the other half gave me ridiculous quotes. I finally reached out to my friend Tana Hallows who is an Interior Designer and was hoping she’d know of someone amazing. She introduced me to Steve from Home Repairs Basements and Decks, and immediately I knew he was the one! Together the three of us spent hours and hours designing the space and making sure it was perfect. After Steve did his thing Tana helped me work out the interior design. I can’t imagine having finished this space all by myself!

I’m gonna show you a couple before pictures throughout this post so you can get a good idea of what we were working with…

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