Best Places To Eat and Things To Do in St. George, Utah

May 29, 2018

Over Spring Break my little family went on a last minute trip to good ole’ St. George, Utah! St. George is in Southern Utah and it’s known around the world for it’s gorgeous red rock and it’s close proximity to FIVE National Parks!! People travel all over the world to St. George because there’s just so much to do and enjoy there!

We didn’t have time to plan an itinerary so I went to where I always go first — Instagram. I asked my girls to give me THE BEST of the best in activities, restaurants, hikes and shops and came out with literally hundreds of awesome suggestions! It felt wrong to not publish all the ideas so I’ll share a comprehensive list of everything that was suggested at the end of this post. Hopefully it can help you when your planning your itinerary or if you ever find yourself passing through with a couple hours to spare.

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5 Ways To Be A Happy Mom.

May 14, 2018

What’s up, loves?! I hope you guys had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I wanted to share something that’s been on my heart lately, a question that I’m asked a lot and not always entirely sure how to answer. How are you such a happy mom? It makes me feel a little bit weird because I’m not always a happy mom. And I’ll admit, there’s a little bit of guilt when I get that comment! My instagram feed and stories are just a piece of my life, and often times my highlight real. We are all moms though, trying to get through this crazy life in one piece. Despite what it looks like, we’ve all got a messy house and piles and piles of laundry. I’ve got the dirtiest floors you’ve ever seen right now with more food on them than in my kids’ bellies! I’ve got two insane toddlers, one creative little dreamer that’s harder than all the others combined, and a sweet 8 year old who is taking up so much time right now!

Life can be full. But it’s full for all of us!

So what is it that makes a happy mom? If I think about it, there are a few habits I’ve made over the years that have really helped me chill out and enjoy the ride. By no means am I even slightly implying that I’m a perfect mom. Motherhood is the biggest challenge and there is so much I feel I’m failing miserably at, but being happy is luckily not one of them. Here are some things that have helped me learn to be happy through the chaos and challenges of it all!

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Enjoy the Little Things For One Day, They’ll Be The Big Things…

May 7, 2018

A couple weeks ago we spent the entire day and cleaned up our yard… I mean, you should have seen some of the weeds. Almost the size of my twins! It was as glamorous as it sounds and I snapped a few pictures of the kids as they worked. I honestly love these pictures so much!

I’m reminded of a quote I often see on Pinterest that says, “Enjoy the little things in life for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things”. As I’m coming out of the baby stage with the twins and my big kids are growing up, going to school, learning to read and just being so much more independent, it’s starting to hit me more and more that this time I have with my kids is slipping through my fingers. I’m trying to take little snapshots of sweet moments in my head and hoping to remember the sound of my boys’ little squeaky voices because I know that time will eventually rob me of them.

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