The BEST FreeTime Apps for the Amazon Fire!

November 17, 2017

I’m back at it again with the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet, shouting it’s praises from the rooftops! We just got back from our trip to Florida, and I know a lot of you guys are gearing up for traveling to see family for the holiday’s. I wanted to pop in a share a few of our favorite apps + reasons why the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet stands out among the others. Click through to read more!

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California, here we come!

May 19, 2017

Hey hey!!!  So it’s been liiiiiike… two months since I went to California with my sisters.  Even still,  I wanted to share our itinerary with you guys in case any of you are looking for quick little getaway ideas!  Now we don’t know everything that California has to offer, but dangit did we have a good time! So the trip was actually a huge surprise put together by our husbands.  I know, they did gooood.  My sister Mel lives in Oklahoma and up until a couple months ago I was in Ohio and Hayley was in Utah.  Needless to say we haven’t spent much quality time together over the years.  A couple weeks before our birthdays our husbands spilled the beans on this trip they’d been planning.  And guys, they planned the entire thing!  They had our hotels, flights, tickets, car, everything was picked out and ready to go.  I’m kind of impressed and shocked to this day that it actually happened!  We have 10 kids between

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