Why Bloggers Suck.

May 5, 2017

Happy Friday babes!  I’ve had this thought on my mind lately, inspired by a few emails and comments I’ve gotten and I just wanted to get it off my chest.  Bloggers kinda suck…. I mean just hear me out for a second.  We spend a lot of time staging these perfect little moments or outfits or hairstyles and our feeds make life look so easy.  So glamorous and fun or pretty.  Or whatever it is!  But it’s not.  And I’ve realized that the more vulnerable I get with you the more you can relate to me.  The zits, the cellulite, the same yoga pants five days in a row, the unhealthy food, the screaming kids, the arguments with friends or spouses.  All of those really REAL things make us the same.  So don’t let this outfit post fool you because what you don’t see is me changing in the van and totally flashing some dude that was driving by.  I take several outfits worth of pictures

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Blush Sweaters and Diaper Bag

April 26, 2017

So guess what?  I found THE PERFECT place for the boys while I’m trying to take a shower.   THE TUB!!!!  Haha, didn’t see that one comin’ did ya?!  Not even kidding you.  I put them in the tub today with a few toys and they laughed and played and even pushed themselves up so they could see out the window.  Do you know the number of times I’ve had to run out of the shower naked to take something away from them?  Or to break up a fight, or to get them out of my makeup?  Too many! I think I’m starting to finally turn the corner.  Hurry, knock on wood.  The second I think I’m getting used to our routine something catastrophic happens.  Like one starts teething.  Or they both get sick.  Or it turns out to be spring break… all. week. long.   Anyone else feel the same way about their kids?  Literally THE SECOND you start to feel like you’ve got

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Rise And Shine!

April 10, 2017

Riiiise and shiiiine!!! It’s only 9am, I’m goin’ on 5 hours of sleep, I’ve dealt with 4 tantrums (all from Savy), 3 dirty diapers 😳, 2 bowls of egg all over the floor and literally the cutest baby bed head you’ve ever seen in your life. It’s bound to be a beautiful week my friends! I just wanted to say thank you so much for your encouragement last night on instagram. You guys have no idea how much you mean to me! I’m sorry I don’t respond to all your comments, but I read every single one of them. And sometimes I even click on your profiles and stalk your beautiful feeds wishing we could be best friends in real life!

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