No Makeup, No Bra, No Shower

January 5, 2017

Today, I dropped my babies off at their first day of school in a new town.  This is their second (out of three) schools they’ll be attending this year — breaks my heart to be uprooting them every couple of months.  But it’s really out of my hands and they’re amazing kids so I know everything will be ok.  It’s such a bitter sweet moment walking away from them, though.  Will they make friends?  Will they be scared?  Will they be behind in class?  Will the teacher be kind?  I worry about them, as mothers do.  I’ve not been able to stop thinking about them and in just a few minutes I get to meet them outside and help them off the bus!!  Boston and Savy ride the same bus home. It’s kind of amazing being in a small little town where literally everyone knows your name!  I told Boston he’d need to sit by Savy on the bus, help her feel safe and brave.  He

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Life is A Grand Adventure

December 14, 2016

The last couple days, really weeks, have been a whirlwind! My husband got a new job in Utah so we sold our home that we’d worked tirelessly on, our car, packed everything up, said goodbye to all our dear friends and made the trip home. I flew with the kids and Brian will be following shortly in the van. I was a little surprised at how emotional I got! I loved our home. I loved my neighbors. And for the first time in a long time I had finally started feeling… settled. I don’t know how to explain it. I feel like the last two years were spent being pregnant with the twins, building our home and trying to get everything unpacked and functional in it, and then having twins and being a zombie for the next year. After I have a baby – let alone two – it takes me a minute to recover. And by minute I mean a good year haha! To feel like I can be a normal person and have normal relationships with real people outside of my house! And now that the babies are a little bit older, I finally started making an effort here in Ohio.

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Light The World + The Perfect Dress

December 7, 2016

It’s not often that I tell you to run and buy something, but when I do, it’s because you literally need it now.  THIS DRESS!!!!!!  It’s so good, guys. It is the perfect dress.  The length is perfect and I don’t feel like I’m constantly tugging on it to stay at the knee.  It comes high enough at the chest that you don’t need an undershirt and it’s the softest fabric you’ve ever felt.  It’s the perfect fit AND it doesn’t wrinkle.  Which means your dress still looks nice after driving to church, holding babies, or to throw in a suitcase when traveling.  My other “little black dress” isn’t very comfortable to wear around church, chasing kids. It’s more of an adult-only-event dress.  This one can be both.  It’s amazing.  Slap on some Spanks and it gives you a nice little figure too!! It’d be so adorable to wear to your holiday parties with red heels plus it looks great with black tights and booties.  That’s

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