How to Pattern Mix!

June 13, 2017

I remember walking through the isles of the fabric store with my mom, I was maybe 15 or so. We were giving my bedroom a much needed makeover and she was throwing all sorts of fabric into the cart. She had stripes, florals, checks, she threw some weird fluffy textured fabric in there and I thought she was seriously insane!!! But then I saw how she put all the patterns together and ever since I’ve had a fond love for mixing patterns!

But it can be a little bit tricky. And if you’ve never had anyone show you how to properly play with your patterns, you might find yourself totally unsure if what you’re putting together goes. So today I thought I’d share three easy ways that have helped me mix patterns!

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And Then I Ate An Entire Batch of Cookies…

June 5, 2017

So remember how I was doing #sugarlessspring? Oh I was all in… and then three days later I ate an entire batch of cookies ๐Ÿ˜ณ… I guess if you’re gonna cheat, you better make it count! After that the motivation just died… I’m not proud of myself. I’m recommitting cause I literally cannot be owned by sugar anymore. But here’s what I’ve learned — life happens, man! And sometimes you just need to eat the batch of cookies. And sometimes instead of working out you just need to watch an entire season of Survivor on Netflix. And sometimes, you just need to let your kids eat Wendy’s or cereal for dinner… four nights in a row.

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It’s the WEEKEND!!!!

May 26, 2017

Well, the kids are officially out of school. I’m not sure if I should be jumping for joy or uncontrollably sobbing because my life is over ๐Ÿ˜‚! My sanity will be tested with everyone home all day but I’m excited to spend more time with the big kids and to not be pinned down to a certain schedule. This means less crazy mornings of me yelling at the kids to put on their shoes or to eat their breakfast faster, it means a tiny bit more screen time in the afternoons but lots and lots of playing outside, eating popsicles and swimming at the pool. We made our summer bucket list last week and if I can survive it all, it’s going to be a pretty awesome. What are your plans? Anything I should add to our list?!

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