Summer to Fall Transitions + Getting Sentimental!

September 22, 2017

A couple days ago we went to the pumpkin patch down the street from my house, did you see it on my instastories?!  Don’t worry, I was wearing no make up and gym clothes, not these 4″ espadrilles 😂 haha #momlife.  I could not get over the view and how beautiful those dang Wasatch mountains were.  This time of year always tugs at my heart strings.  I’m so grateful to be back home!  I honestly didn’t think we’d get to move from Ohio for another couple years so being by family and friends right now has been such a blessing.  Last week I caught the worst bug, I’m 95% sure it was influenza.  I quarantined myself away from the kids because them having respiratory problems right before the weather turns frigid is every mothers worst nightmare.  We had family stop by every day to check up on Brian and the kids and to make sure we were all doing okay!  It’s just those little things in

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Simple Fall Outfit!

September 12, 2017

Hello fall 🍂! Que cooler weather, peach cobbler, pumpkin patches, scarves and jackets, pretty drives in the mountains, my favorite TV shows and Halloween!!!!!! I think it’s safe to say I anticipate this season all year long?! Speaking of Halloween, I spent EIGHT hours yesterday planning my Spooktorials. I stay at home with the kids and don’t work while they’re awake so that means I was up super late going blind from my computer screen! If you’ve been reading my blog for half a minute then you’ll know it’s my favorite holiday of the entire year. It beats out Thanksgiving and Christmas by a long shot! I have some really fun things planned and I’m literally stalking my mailman in anticipation for all the things I ordered to get here so I can start filming 💃🏼.

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Dressing for Fall!

September 5, 2017

I woke up the other day and do you know what I smelled? FALL 🍂. I smelled fall!!!! While Ohio had a beautiful fall season, there’s just nothing quite like experiencing fall in Utah. The mountains and hikes and pumpkin patches. THE PEACHES 🍑! We’ve easily eaten a full tree of peaches so far! I want to get a post put together of all the amazing fall activities there are to do in Utah. If you ever visit, there are definitely some things that need to be on your bucket list! If you’ve lived in Utah, will you pretty please leave a comment with a few of your favorite fall past times? Maybe it’s a really pretty running trail or a favorite recipe? Maybe it’s somewhere you like to go for date night, a super yummy restaurant or quaint little theater? Or maybe it’s an activity that’s perfect for the whole family like a gorgeous hike or pumpkin patch?! I’ve experienced a lot growing up here but I have come to realize that you all know so much better than me and if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that I don’t want to take this beautiful state for granted ever again! Plus I kinda wanna brag on Utah for a minute 😝!

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