WHY: Boyfriend Button Ups

January 22, 2018

Boyfriend Button-Ups!  They’re easily one of my favorite wardrobe staples.  I wanted to share a few different ways I like to style them + dish the retailers I find has the best and most affordable button ups.  Goodness gracious, have you ever noticed just how expensive button up shirts are?!  It’s like buying a pair of jeans!  There are a few things I look for in a good button up shirt, and I only buy them when they’re on sale.  Old Navy, American Eagle, Forever 21, H+M — you can always get cute button up shirts from those retailers at a fairly reasonable price.  I like to wear my button ups one of four different ways: 1 – I like them wrapped around my waist, with a tee and leggings or distressed denim.  Super casual!  2 – I like to wear them unbuttoned, usually with a v-neck tee underneath.  3-  I like to wear them alone and just tucked in, like I’m wearing here today.  I usually

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Winter Favorites and How to Layer

January 5, 2018

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re surviving the cold because the temperature sure has dropped here in Utah!  With the freezing temperatures outside, I’ve been layering like crazy and I wanted to share some of my winter favorites and how to layer!  Before we jump into the post I wanted to quickly give you guys an update.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’ve been a little bit silent everywhere… we have some BIG news!!!! No, we’re not pregnant hahaah!  I’m still working on convincing Brian for that one 😂.  We’re starting to VLOG!!!!!  We’ll be vlogging Mondays and Fridays and then I’ll keep my Wednesdays open for beauty and hair tutorials!  I’m really excited to share more of our life with you guys, hopefully it’ll give you a chance to get to know us better.  So if you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel, you can click here!  I won’t be calling out all the videos here on the blog, so just subscribe and

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Summer to Fall Transitions + Getting Sentimental!

September 22, 2017

A couple days ago we went to the pumpkin patch down the street from my house, did you see it on my instastories?!  Don’t worry, I was wearing no make up and gym clothes, not these 4″ espadrilles 😂 haha #momlife.  I could not get over the view and how beautiful those dang Wasatch mountains were.  This time of year always tugs at my heart strings.  I’m so grateful to be back home!  I honestly didn’t think we’d get to move from Ohio for another couple years so being by family and friends right now has been such a blessing.  Last week I caught the worst bug, I’m 95% sure it was influenza.  I quarantined myself away from the kids because them having respiratory problems right before the weather turns frigid is every mothers worst nightmare.  We had family stop by every day to check up on Brian and the kids and to make sure we were all doing okay!  It’s just those little things in

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