April 24, 2018

Whaaaaat’s upp?! I’ve got a little trend alert 💥 for you today! Have you noticed that chambray tops are being dressed up everywhere lately? I snagged this really cute shirt at Gap and was drawn to it because of the ties around the sleeves and then I started noticing all these really cute chambray tops that were elevated with a unique extra flair. Like this one with flutter sleeves, or this one with the pin tucks in the neckline. I love this wrapped top, and these lantern sleeves! And then of course you have your relaxed button ups and ones with embroidery on them like this one and this one. I’ve linked a few of my favorites below and then I always like to get my chambray tops at Gap and Target. I’m drawn to the Tencel fabric because it’s butter soft and Gap and Target always have really good price points.

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FAVORITE FINDS with some less expensive options!

April 19, 2018

Hey guys…who’s ready for some of my favorite finds?!!!  Okay first of all, yes.  I’m in a barn.  Well, it’s more of a cute little produce shop down the street from me.  It’s fine, it’s totally normal to take pictures in a random barn like atmosphere.  I’m wearing a cactus shirt, so I am basically one with nature right now haha!!! I’ve got so many awesome things to share with you today!!!  Last week was Brian’s birthday and his parents took the kids for a day so we could just hang out.  It was AMAZING!!!  I wanted to clean the basement and do chores, he wanted to relax and do nothing.  Because it was his birthday he won and we found ourselves at the mall half way throughout the day!  I found some of THE cutest things on sale at Old Navy and American Eagle, you’ve gotta hurry your buns to snag them though because they’re gonna be sold out soon!  *We also got a TON

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Athleisure wear at its finest!!!!

April 2, 2018

Well hey babes! Happy Apriiiiiiiill!!!!!!!!! The countdown is on until Summer and right now I’m 100% NOT ready! Spring is always a cruel reminder to me that summer bodies are made in the winter haha! I’ve gained 10 pounds since October. You can’t really tell in photos because I’m pretty much a master at knowing my angles and sticking my butt out when I pose… it’s the truth. It gives you WAY leaner legs for photos hahaha! 10 pounds though on a 5’2″ frame doesn’t feel too good though. And it’s not even about the weight. I just feel gross! My clothes don’t fit, I’m very unmotivated to head to the gym. It’s just this vicious cycle. Are any of you in it with me?

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