Blush + Baking

March 28, 2017

Hey babes!  Hows your week so far?  Right now Savy is begging me to bake a cake with her so she can surprise her brothers for their birthday… their birthday is in June.  Also, we don’t have any sugar.  Seriously who doesn’t have sugar?  I think we’re out of vanilla too.  Pretty much we aren’t baking a cake and I’m not quite sure how I’m gonna tell her ha ha!  So I made it safely back from California yesterday, miss my sisters so much already!  I’ll share a few pictures from our trip next week!!  Today I thought I’d share a more formal look, I know several of you are gearing up for wedding season! Lemme tell you why I’m obsessed with this dress:  1.  The sleeves.  I’m super short and for some reason I just prefer a looser, longer sleeve length.  These sleeves not only fit my weird sleeve length but c’mon, look at that detailing!  2. The length is perfect!  It’s higher in

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Light The World + The Perfect Dress

December 7, 2016

It’s not often that I tell you to run and buy something, but when I do, it’s because you literally need it now.  THIS DRESS!!!!!!  It’s so good, guys. It is the perfect dress.  The length is perfect and I don’t feel like I’m constantly tugging on it to stay at the knee.  It comes high enough at the chest that you don’t need an undershirt and it’s the softest fabric you’ve ever felt.  It’s the perfect fit AND it doesn’t wrinkle.  Which means your dress still looks nice after driving to church, holding babies, or to throw in a suitcase when traveling.  My other “little black dress” isn’t very comfortable to wear around church, chasing kids. It’s more of an adult-only-event dress.  This one can be both.  It’s amazing.  Slap on some Spanks and it gives you a nice little figure too!! It’d be so adorable to wear to your holiday parties with red heels plus it looks great with black tights and booties.  That’s

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