Athleisure wear at it’s finest!!!!

April 2, 2018

Well hey babes! Happy Apriiiiiiiill!!!!!!!!! The countdown is on until Summer and right now I’m 100% NOT ready! Spring is always a cruel reminder to me that summer bodies are made in the winter haha! I’ve gained 10 pounds since October. You can’t really tell in photos because I’m pretty much a master at knowing my angles and sticking my butt out when I pose… it’s the truth. It gives you WAY leaner legs for photos hahaha! 10 pounds though on a 5’2″ frame doesn’t feel too good though. And it’s not even about the weight. I just feel gross! My clothes don’t fit, I’m very unmotivated to head to the gym. It’s just this vicious cycle. Are any of you in it with me?

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Athleisure Wear

July 3, 2017

I thought I’d share a quick outfit that I’ve been wearing on the daily. Y’all know I’m obsessed with athleisure wear. I’m gonna start posting more of it here because it seems to be all I wear lately 🙈 #dontjudge! Don’t get me wrong, it’s so fun to get dolled up for date night or church, but other than those two occasions I’m usually wearing comfy mom clothes that can get me from the gym to an afternoon baseball game, to running errands and a even a huge Costco haul. I need an outfit that can just be all of the things for me!

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It’s the WEEKEND!!!!

May 26, 2017

Well, the kids are officially out of school. I’m not sure if I should be jumping for joy or uncontrollably sobbing because my life is over 😂! My sanity will be tested with everyone home all day but I’m excited to spend more time with the big kids and to not be pinned down to a certain schedule. This means less crazy mornings of me yelling at the kids to put on their shoes or to eat their breakfast faster, it means a tiny bit more screen time in the afternoons but lots and lots of playing outside, eating popsicles and swimming at the pool. We made our summer bucket list last week and if I can survive it all, it’s going to be a pretty awesome. What are your plans? Anything I should add to our list?!

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