Meaningful presents + Gift Wrapping 101

November 10, 2017

Are you guys so proud of me?! It’s mid November and I’m basically done with all my Christmas shopping 😱!! The past few years have been so busy during the Holiday’s that it’s been hard to slow down and enjoy the season. I wanna bake cookies and do Christmas crafts with my Savy girl! I wanna have time to go ice skating, see the Lights at Temple Square and watch Christmas movies with my kids without seeing that never ending to-do list in the back of my head!

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How to: Puppy Dog Makeup Tutorial

October 6, 2016

It’s finally October!!!!  Easily my favorite month of the entire year.  I’m obsessed with pumpkins, the cooler weather and leaves changing colors.  I love seeing all the porches decorated with hay and corn and the sweet smell of pumpkin spice.  Usually by this time the kids and I have organized the crafts we want to make, we’ve picked out our Halloween costumes and have baked alllll the pumpkin bars and yummy pumpkin muffins a person can eat.  This year though, October has totally crept up on me and we’re now just starting to get into the spirit.   I wanted to share this puppy dog makeup tutorial inspired by the infamous snapchat filter.  I thought it was perfect because it’s so dang easy and something you can do on a whim – you shouldn’t need to make any special trips to the store for this one.   What you need: Google puppy dog snapchat filter PNG and print off the ears and nose.  I placed the image into

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Christmas Treats Roundup

December 11, 2012

Because December is such a crazy month I end up baking the same treats over and over because I just don’t have the time to try something new.  So I perused Pinterest and found a plethora of pleasing treats to satisfy the Christmas “treat” craving.  Did you like the use of my alliterations?!  haa! There were so many treats on Pinterest.  Ones that were impossible to make too pretty to eat… source …or ones that didn’t look like they’d be worth the calories.  No offense marshmallow snowmen.  You’re cute and all but you’re just not what I’m looking for.   So I compiled my list of favorite Christmas treats.  Ones that would be fun to either make with the kids and giveaway to neighbors or ones to just indulge in. Recipe here Surprise cookies.  No words needed, look how good those suckers look! source here Chocolate dipped pretzel rods.  I could seriously eat these all day.  Plus they are gorgeous.  Definitely gift worthy.  I usually

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