How To Apply LipSense LIKE A PRO!

December 9, 2016

First off, I just need to tell you — YOU ARE MY PEOPLE!!!! I was so overwhelmed with support during our Black Friday sale. We had over 300 orders!!! And now I feel like we just have this special bond!! Now that there’s this little army of women out there who need to know how LipSense works, I’m taking the responsibility very seriously. I want to make sure you guys know exactly how to wear it because there’s a slight learning curve to LipSense. If you’ve tried it, and you don’t love it, chances are very high you’re applying it wrong. I know this because I wore it wrong for months and it’s why I wasn’t totally obsessed with the stuff from the beginning. Luckily I have a very pushy good friend who loves me enough to make me wear it right. Bless her heart, I’ll love her forever.

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