Favorite Drug Store Makeup!

March 7, 2018

Hey babes!!! I shared a quick makeup tutorial on Instagram a couple weeks ago and you guys loved it! I got several requests to share my favorite drug store products next, and today I’m delivering! I’ve rounded up my favorite budget friendly beauty products and am going to share an every day look that’ll not only make you look amazing, but will keep your wallet happy too!

Everything I’m using is from Smith’s and GUESS WHAT?! Kroger’s Beauty Event starts TODAY!! Do you know what this means?! March 7th – March 20th is SPEND $15 and SAVE $5 at participating Kroger stores. They do this a couple times a year and it’s literally the perfect time to splurge on new makeup. So if you need to freshen up some of your favorites, or you want to try one of mine, make sure to hit the sale so you can save! Alright, alright, let’s get into it, ya?

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Making Sugar Cookies with Gymboree!

February 12, 2018

We had four kids in five years! In the beginning, I’m not gonna lie, it was really challenging. Every single one of them needed so. much. attention! I knew there would come a day though, when them being close together in age would work in our favor and they’d all be best friends who loved each other and kept each other company. Well my friends, those magical years have begun. My kids really are all best friends and they see the world with wonder and endless possibilities. It’s a pretty neat thing to experience a house full of dreamers who haven’t been told to act a certain way by the world. They express themselves however they want and it’s pretty awesome!

Today I want to share one of our favorite Sunday activities we do together as a family + the yummiest Sugar Cookie recipe you’ll ever make!

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Screen Time: How to Keep Your Kids Safe

September 1, 2017

Screen time. Let’s chat about it for a minute! This summer was a rough one for us! We had just moved across the country into a new home, we didn’t have a yard or friends to play with and I have twin 2 year old boys that are so demanding! Little to no screen time would be ideal but the reality this summer was that life got in the way of my best intentions and my big kids were on tablets quite a bit.

There were a few times I thought Boston and Savy were playing with friends outside and while doing laundry I’d find them tucked away in their room watching a show. They were hiding from me because they knew taking a tablet without permission was wrong. Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? I knew that despite my best efforts to limit screen time, I needed to find a better solution than just trusting my kids!

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