Enjoy the Little Things For One Day, They’ll Be The Big Things…

May 7, 2018

A couple weeks ago we spent the entire day and cleaned up our yard… I mean, you should have seen some of the weeds. Almost the size of my twins! It was as glamorous as it sounds and I snapped a few pictures of the kids as they worked. I honestly love these pictures so much!

I’m reminded of a quote I often see on Pinterest that says, “Enjoy the little things in life for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things”. As I’m coming out of the baby stage with the twins and my big kids are growing up, going to school, learning to read and just being so much more independent, it’s starting to hit me more and more that this time I have with my kids is slipping through my fingers. I’m trying to take little snapshots of sweet moments in my head and hoping to remember the sound of my boys’ little squeaky voices because I know that time will eventually rob me of them.

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How to be Happy… Even when you’re not.

July 25, 2017

A common compliment I’m given is how optimistic and happy I am. I love reading your messages because they’re like little love notes of encouragement that have helped keep me moving forward some days. While I love that you guys see me as a source of happiness, and I’m so grateful to have spread joy, I also feel very guilty because happiness is something that can easily elude me.

I’m your classic optimist for sure and it takes quite a bit to get me down. But when life becomes overwhelming or when there’s just too much chaos, I become the biggest grump you’ve ever seen. I yell at my kids, I pick fights with Brian, and e.v.e.r.y little thing just stresses me out. When I get to that place of worry and anxiety it’s really hard for me to snap back and I feel like this big rain cloud is hanging over me. And I wouldn’t say it’s depression, just the ups and downs of a normal life. Depression is a monster and I don’t want anyone to think that a few self-help books could ever clear it up. Over the years though, I’ve found several things that have helped me to remain in that state of happiness and optimism and things I need to do daily to keep me there. I wanted to share those with you, mostly as a reminder for myself because this summer has been over the top stressful! Anyone else?!

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Happy Easter!

April 16, 2017

In the middle of all the easter egg hunts, the yummy treats and bunny crafts I couldn’t help but stop and remember my Savior.  Life has a funny way of helping you forget your purpose…  The days are so long and busy and it’s incredibly easy to let the world in.  The shows on TV, the loud facebook posts, the busy list of to-do’s.  It’s easy to forget the Savior.  That He’s here.  That He’s listening.  That He’s waiting for us to come unto Him.  To remember Him.  To give Him as much time as we give everyone else.   Elder Ballard, one of my heroes, spoke at out church service last night and this morning.  While I was wrestling the kids most of the time, I heard his message loud and clear.  To live in such a way that you can let the Spirit influence your life.  There’s definitely a disconnect lately… people learn the gospel of Christ.  It’s in their brains.  But that

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