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What's your hair color and cut so that I can share with my stylist?

I am naturally very ashy.  I get a tight weave of plain ole’ bleach from the ears up.  My hair is really long but to help my curls lay better I’ve cut in a few layers and feathered around my face.  I have not dyed the bottom section of my hair

How Do I Start Washing My Hair Less?

Start small.  If you’re washing your hair daily right now start by going every other day.  It’s all supply and demand, so the more you wash your hair the more oil your scalp is going to produce.  Use some dry shampoo to get you through those in between days.  After a few weeks you’ll notice your hair won’t be as greasy and then just keep repeating.  I can go over a week without washing my hair.  Granted my hair is really dry but you should be able to go at least three days no matter what your hair type is.

What If I Work Out?

Sweat is 99% water.  I know this sounds gross but if I’ve just exercised I’ll go ahead and pull my hair up in the shower, rinse off my body and then blow dry my hair when I get out to dry up the wet hair near my face.  I swear you’ll never know the difference.

I Can't Find the Password to your Private Videos

Not to fear!  It’s right before the table of contents, right about my signature.  Can you see it now?

Is the Password to your Videos in both the Ebook and the Book?

Absolutely.  The ebook and book are the exact same so you can buy whichever format you’d like and still have access to the videos!

What Are Your Favorite Products?

I’ve written a whole post about this one!!  Check it out at the shop!