9 Quick Hairstyles for Valentines Day – Style Round-Up

February 10, 2019

9 Quick Hairstyles for Valentines Day – Style Round-Up Hey Babes!  Valentine’s Day is coming up next week and I cannot believe it! With all of the hearts, candy, roses, I mean, come on!  It is clearly one of my favorite holidays.  And, with so many reasons to create some cute hairstyles, I thought you needed a good round-up of some extra special hairstyles for your extra special day.  Let’s get to it!   Here are my 9 Quick Hairstyles for Valentines Day – Style Round-Up Style 1: Boho Valentine Heart Hair Tutorial This half updo is for the girl who wants to make a statement on Valentine’s Day without feeling like they are trying to be a little girl.  This is soft, elegant and oh, so fun! It kind of reminds of the Celtic Knot tutorial I created back in 2013, anyone remember that?!  This one is so much easier and c’mon, it’s shaped like a heart so you know I’m obsessed!!!  Watch the full tutorial here.

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7 Tricks to Get Flirty Curls Full of Volume for Short Hair

January 28, 2019

If you’re getting used to your new short hair, I’ve got 7 tricks that will help you style beautiful curls. I’ll tell you my favorite texturizing products, barrel sizes and styling tips for babes with short hair!

A couple weeks ago I found myself at the salon (possibly going through a mid-life crisis or just needing some sort of a refreshing change), and on a whim – I chopped my long locks and wanted short hair.

I was so nervous, but figured it’s just hair and will either grow back or I can use extensions whenever I missed the length. Turns out – it was just what I needed! It’s been a fun change and I feel like this shorter length is so flirty and fresh. Take a look at the new tricks I’ve picked up!

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I’m speechless …

January 16, 2019

LOOK – AT – ALL – THESE – FLOURISH – BOXES!!! Hundreds and hundreds of boxes. You guys. My heart is literally BURSTING.

Thank you.

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