Saying Goodbye to 2018 + Our Family Pictures Reveal

January 5, 2019

Can you even believe it’s already time to say goodbye to 2018?? I wanted to share our family pictures with you and wish you a Merry Christmas!! We hope you have had the most wonderful holiday season! It’s been an incredible year for our family and I hope I never forget the amazing experiences we’ve had together. This is the time of year I start reflecting on things, like… How do I need to improve?  How can I be a better wife?  How can I be a better mother?   While saying goodbye is hard, it also means that you get a fresh start! A fresh start to become the person you want to be. To be more organized. To have more patience! To make room for yourself or spend more time with your family. 2018 Family Pictures Even up until this shoot for our family pictures, we have had an eventful 2018. From starting new ventures, new grades and welcoming a new family member…there is never a

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Where To Find Beautiful Christmas Decorations For Your Home

December 21, 2018

Ready to turn your home into a Christmas wonderland?!  I know exactly where to look to find gorgeous Christmas decorations for your home!  My main go-to’s are Target, Tai Pan and Pier 1.  Collecting holiday pieces though is my jam and over the years all these little decorations have helped our home feel so magical.  Anyway, scroll down to find out exactly where I found all of my Christmas decorations to create a cozy and festive home! Where To Find Beautiful Christmas Decorations For Your Home Garland Make your own Christmas garland from Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s Garland – not sure I’ll do the real garland again.  IT IS SO MESSY!!!!!!  I just wrestled it up there on the bannister, tied it where I wanted with wire and then attached some little bows I made from ribbon at Tai Pan.  The mirror is from Target and it’s only $25!  I have a beautiful little shelf coming – finally – for underneath the mirror and I can’t wait

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DIY: Light the World Service Christmas Tree Tradition

I’m so excited to finally share our Light The World Service Christmas Tree!!!! It’s a fun and beautiful way to teach your kids about service during Christmas time. I initially shared it over on my stories (@twistmepretty) and was overwhelmed with the positive response. It’s probably the best idea I’ve ever had…said brushing dirt off my shoulder haha. Okay, so let me tell me you a little bit about it and where the idea came from.

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