St Patrick’s Peppermint Oreo Truffle Recipe

March 10, 2019

  St Patrick’s Peppermint Oreo Truffle Recipe Are you ready for a super yummy Oreo Truffle St. Patrick’s Day treat?  My bestest sister-in-law in the whole wide world introduced me to these bad boys.  I’m not sure if I should thank her or shake her.  I can’t stop eating them. They are good for breakfast.  They are delicious as an afternoon snack and a perfect pre-dinner treat.  They’re so easy to hide too.  I can just pop one in my mouth before Boston sees.  No more retreating to the bathroom to indulge in chocolatey treats.  Ha! Needless to say, I love them. And yes, of course, I will share. Ingredients 8oz cream cheese, white chocolate chips, a package of Oreos, sugar, green food coloring and peppermint extract. Step 1. First, crumble up the entire package of Oreos.  You can either put them in the blender or mash them in a ziplock baggy.  Get your kids involved, this recipe is so easy and fun I promise

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Sporty Boys Bedroom Reveal-Boston’s Bedroom – a room for a little boy

February 21, 2019

GUYS!!!!  IT IS FINALLY HERE!!!  This room has been a labor of love and it’s been SO HARD for me to keep it a secret.  Let me introduce you to Boston’s new bedroom!

Before all of the pictures and links, I must give a huge shoutout to those who were the biggest help in making this happen.  First, my designer, Kelsey from Alika Design, is an all-star.  She took my ideas and vision and made them into a reality.  She is amazing at making a room functional AND beautiful…I mean cool… we are talking about my son’s room, ha!  If you are in need of an interior designer, she is wonderful and does online consultations.  Snatch her up for your next project.

And secondly, Article.  Article is my go-to company for sleek design at affordable prices.  They saved the day with their classic and sturdy furniture pieces.  I know these pieces will get a lot of wear and tear and Article came through big time.  If you are in the market for some high quality and affordable furniture, make sure to check them out.  

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One Less Sick Day

December 21, 2018

How is your December?! We’re riding on a crazy high full of Christmas music and yummy treats but amidst the excitement, I’m bracing myself for cold and flu season. Bleh. Last year my family was hit HARD and I vowed to do better at protecting my kids. Did you know that each year more than 38 MILLION school days are missed? WHAT?!!! Can you even believe that? I knew it was a lot but 38 million just seems a little excessive! I’m so excited to be partnering up with Lysol on their One Less Sick Day program — it gives children, schools and families tools to help prevent the spread of illness and helping achieve fewer sick days in school! Getting sick in our home is like a row of dominoes and our big household becomes plagued. Avoiding sick days at ALL COSTS this year!

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