Where To Find Beautiful Christmas Decorations For Your Home

December 21, 2018

Ready to turn your home into a Christmas wonderland?!  I know exactly where to look to find gorgeous Christmas decorations for your home!  My main go-to’s are Target, Tai Pan and Pier 1.  Collecting holiday pieces though is my jam and over the years all these little decorations have helped our home feel so magical.  Anyway, scroll down to find out exactly where I found all of my Christmas decorations to create a cozy and festive home! Where To Find Beautiful Christmas Decorations For Your Home Garland Make your own Christmas garland from Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s Garland – not sure I’ll do the real garland again.  IT IS SO MESSY!!!!!!  I just wrestled it up there on the bannister, tied it where I wanted with wire and then attached some little bows I made from ribbon at Tai Pan.  The mirror is from Target and it’s only $25!  I have a beautiful little shelf coming – finally – for underneath the mirror and I can’t wait

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Why you should hire an interior designer

December 18, 2018

Why you should hire an interior designer.
Meet Kelsey. I found her on Instagram through some random hashtag I was looking through and come to find out she lives five minutes from my house! I almost didn’t call her cause she has better hair than me but then I knew that was exactly why I should call her haha! JK her style was very similar to mine and I just connected with her stuff on the gram. We just finished our first project together, my daughters little girl room and I’ve just had the best experience. I’ve had a lot of experience decorating my own home and I’ve also had a lot of experience using designers. While it’s fresh on my mind, I wanted to write this post and answer some questions I’ve been asked on why you should hire an interior designer and a couple tips in hiring the right one.

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Little Girls Room Reveal! Savy + Chic

December 17, 2018

IT’S FINALLY FINISHED!!! Welcome to Savy Jane’s new bedroom!! I’ve literally been waiting her whole life to be able to give her a girlie sanctuary, away from her smelly brothers and bland neutral colors haha! When the space finally opened up I wanted to go all out and that’s exactly what we did. Keep reading to see how we styled this adorable little girls room.

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