5 Ways I’m Motivating Myself To Get Back In Shape!

January 21, 2019

Happy Monday!! It’s no secret around here that I love working out, living a healthy lifestyle and being super active with my kids. You can read my weightloss journey after four babies HERE and a workout routine HERE. I’ve been all about that life for years and I’ve worked really hard to stay in shape and eat healthy. However, in the fall I poured my heart and soul into a new business. I started skipping my gym sessions, started eating out more and eventually just fell completely out of shape. I haven’t been to the gym in months.

So here I am. Needing some serious motivation to back into the swing of things. Being in shape is easy. I mean, duh it’s not easy at all. But the ball is rolling! You know what you’re doing, you have a routine, a plan, goals. And I’m over here like — um… what the heck do I do?!

I sat down with my health obsessed husband and we came up with 5 ways to motivate yourself to get back in shape. You ready for them?

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4 Ways to Style a Denim Jacket

May 1, 2018

Happy Tuesday, loves! I wanted to go super casual today because let’s be honest, this is more of my every day jam than other fancier outfits I wear on the blog. The Utah weather is so crazy right now that I’m living in layers. I spotted this blush hoodie at American Eagle and have been wearing it nonstop with my distressed denim jacket. It’s so playful and fun to me plus I can ditch the jacket if it gets warm, and I can ditch the hoodie and throw it around my waist if it gets hot. Utah weather, it’ll do that to ya! I’ve got just a basic white tee underneath, I’ve been loving these ones lately from Amazon! I get mediums and they’re perfect for knotting up!

ANYWAY I wanted to share my favorite ways to style a denim jacket. These ideas aren’t anything special but hopefully they help you get a little more creative with your wardrobe!

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Athleisure wear at its finest!!!!

April 2, 2018

Well hey babes! Happy Apriiiiiiiill!!!!!!!!! The countdown is on until Summer and right now I’m 100% NOT ready! Spring is always a cruel reminder to me that summer bodies are made in the winter haha! I’ve gained 10 pounds since October. You can’t really tell in photos because I’m pretty much a master at knowing my angles and sticking my butt out when I pose… it’s the truth. It gives you WAY leaner legs for photos hahaha! 10 pounds though on a 5’2″ frame doesn’t feel too good though. And it’s not even about the weight. I just feel gross! My clothes don’t fit, I’m very unmotivated to head to the gym. It’s just this vicious cycle. Are any of you in it with me?

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