Sporty Boys Bedroom Reveal-Boston’s Bedroom – a room for a little boy

February 21, 2019

GUYS!!!!  IT IS FINALLY HERE!!!  This room has been a labor of love and it’s been SO HARD for me to keep it a secret.  Let me introduce you to Boston’s new bedroom!

Before all of the pictures and links, I must give a huge shoutout to those who were the biggest help in making this happen.  First, my designer, Kelsey from Alika Design, is an all-star.  She took my ideas and vision and made them into a reality.  She is amazing at making a room functional AND beautiful…I mean cool… we are talking about my son’s room, ha!  If you are in need of an interior designer, she is wonderful and does online consultations.  Snatch her up for your next project.

And secondly, Article.  Article is my go-to company for sleek design at affordable prices.  They saved the day with their classic and sturdy furniture pieces.  I know these pieces will get a lot of wear and tear and Article came through big time.  If you are in the market for some high quality and affordable furniture, make sure to check them out.  

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Why you should hire an interior designer

December 18, 2018

Why you should hire an interior designer.
Meet Kelsey. I found her on Instagram through some random hashtag I was looking through and come to find out she lives five minutes from my house! I almost didn’t call her cause she has better hair than me but then I knew that was exactly why I should call her haha! JK her style was very similar to mine and I just connected with her stuff on the gram. We just finished our first project together, my daughters little girl room and I’ve just had the best experience. I’ve had a lot of experience decorating my own home and I’ve also had a lot of experience using designers. While it’s fresh on my mind, I wanted to write this post and answer some questions I’ve been asked on why you should hire an interior designer and a couple tips in hiring the right one.

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Easy DIY Wallpaper!!!!! — must see

October 25, 2018

I did it. I wallpapered a room!! I was so nervous to start this project, my mom basically raised me on wallpaper horror stories. I vividly remember her making my sister and I pick it off the walls or the frustrated sounds from the rooms she was working on when the paper wasn’t wet enough and wouldn’t stick or was too wrinkled. The recent wallpaper trend though has been getting to me and when I spotted this floral paper from Walls Need Love I knew I had to have it for my daughters room!! She’s my only girl! I absolutely must have a bright floral wall for her haha!! I kept reminding myself that wallpaper has come a long way since the 90’s and that I was going to be fine. I’LL BE FIIIIIINE!!!! Right?

So I measured the space, went online and ordered the amount I needed and then I held my breath until it showed up. I’ll be honest… I brought it in the house and then let it stare at me for a good week before mustering up the courage to start the project. Was I being dramatic? Possibly. But maybe I wasn’t being dramatic enough ?

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