How to make UNICORN SLIME!!!

January 16, 2018

Oh my goodness, my kids have been BEGGING for slime!!!! I banned it from our house a long time ago but finally decided to just embrace the craze. My kids love it so much and I’ve gotta tell ya, we had a BLAST making it!!! We invited a few friends over and just made an afternoon out of it! There are several different recipes for slime and I’m sure we will explore them all haha but today we’re sharing how to make 3 Ingredient Slime!!!! Savy liked to call it her “Unicorn Slime”! It’s 3 ingredients and so easy that I honestly let the kids just do it on their own as I monitored them putting in the right amount of ingredients.

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Our Family Halloween Costumes!

October 24, 2017

Who you gonna call? … GHOSTBUSTERS!

Family Halloween costumes has kinda become my thing… I mean, does that surprise you?! I get that some of you are’t into it… you hate the makeup tutorials and are so over the matching costumes. I gotta be honest though, I feel like I could turn you. If you were a fly on the wall during these pictures and could feel the excitement while we were all getting ready, you’d see just how much fun it is! The joy on all their faces is priceless. This will only last a few more years I’m sure… until Boston refuses to dress up with us cause it’s not cool anymore. So you better believe I’m gonna soak up all the years I have left, where turning into a ghost buster with your Daddy is just about the coolest thing. Or becoming a green slime and chasing your brothers makes you laugh hysterically. It’s those moments as a parent that make all the chaos and preparation worth it. That’s why people spend thousands to take their kids to Disneyland and the Ocean!

So there are a couple pieces of advise I would give to the parent who is exhausted by the idea of family Halloween costumes! It’s definitely been trial and error for us but there have been a few things that have really helped! Click through to keep reading!

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Last Minute Easter Craft!

March 25, 2016

So remember that one time Easter was in March?!  It’s literally two days away and I haven’t prepped baskets or probably the most sinful thing of all, haven’t eaten an entire bag of cadbury eggs!  WHAT IS GOING ON!  The kids were out of school today for Spring break… (I can’t contain my excitement haha) and so I found this cute little easter craft to do with them while the boys napped.  It’s a no fuss craft, I swear you’ll have everything on hand unless your four year old is constantly stealing, using up or losing all your tape!  Anyway, I know it’s last minute but hopefully you can squeeze it in to all your fun family plans this weekend! 

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