Let's Level Up Contest
Taking back your power and living a joyful and fulfilled life.

(Even under quarantine)

In todays isolated world where there is nothing to wake up for, no where to be and no one to see,

It can be hard to be motivated to take care of ourselves.  But, we must and I can't wait to do it together.
Here's the plan:
  • Each day, there will be challenges in one of four areas- spiritual, relationship, physical and mental.
  • Every Friday we will do an act of service.  These are simple things that won't take long but we are working on being intentional with our time and what we want out of life.

This is a challenge.  We aren't going to be perfect, but we are going to get better.   
1. Get out of bed, move your body and eat healthy
2. Accomplish 1 soul-filling act each day
(Don't worry, we've got a calendar with a plan for each day.)
3. Stay accountable by posting on Instagram

Post up to 3 times a day in your stories and 1 time on your feed checking.  Each post is an entry.  To be entered, tag me @TwistMePretty and use #levelup👊

Listen mama, I get it.
I've spent too much time on Netflix and Instagram and after this many weeks of it, I can tell you that it has left me mentally wrecked.

This isn't my first experience with dealing with loss. Last year, I learned that the only way through hard things is to take control of what I can control: my actions and thoughts. 

It is time to take our power back and get on track to being the best and happiest moms and women we can be.

Judged based on:

Posting the daily challenge is 35%

Posting daily check-in's  15%

(each check-in up to 3 daily)

Email goals written out on work sheet each week is 10%

Creativity is 10% (i.e. personal interpretation of challenge)

Each week, contestants will be judged by their participation points.  Each week a champion will win $500 + a braid boss course each week

Do you struggle with:
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  • having motivation to get out of bed in the morning
  • wanting a community of women that are here to support you
  • having accountability to actually take control of your life
If so, let's do this...together.
Twist Me Pretty: Let's Level Up Challenge
This $5 gets you:

-Entry into the last weeks of the challenge

-Chance to win $500 (enter to win by checking in every day)

-Power Pack planning pages (get my goal setting, daily planning and 30 day calendar to keep you on track)

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These next 30 days are going to pass you by no matter what you choose.
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But what if...

What if at the end of these next 30 days, you were more energized, more hopeful, more full of life? 

What if you committed today to believe in a better tomorrow for you and your mental, spiritual, physical and relationship health? 

And plus, it is going to be a lot of fun with a lot of great prizes!

Can't do the $20 right now but still want to up level your life?  You can still join without the accountability and worksheets.  Just click the button.
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