a pretty little bow

October 24, 2012

This is what happens when you take pictures at midnight because you didn’t have time during the golden hour to fix your hair twice.  Too bad I should have started with the neat little bow!
Oh well.  What can ya do?!

This pretty little bow has been found in my favorite hairstyle basket over and over again.  It’s my favorite “next day hair”.  Or next… “five days until I finally have time to wash it again” hair!
As you can see there are two ways to wear it.  There is the symmetrical, very neat look and then there is the messy, bohemian type bow.  I switch back and forth with which one I love most.
When doing your hair it really helps if you have a mirror in front of you and a mirror on an angle behind you so that you can see what your hands are doing at all times.  Because you can see what your doing and pinning the hairstyles turns out how you want.  It’s the only way to go.
Because of this little fact I couldn’t take the video on my imac and had to wait for Brian’s help.  I uploaded it and the entire thing was blurry.  So we did another take and my poor tired husband was totally annoyed!!  He’d never say that of course but I could just tell.  So please forgive the video.  It’s Brian’s fault ha ha ha!!!

  • You are so cute! This looks super easy! I could probably even do this on my hair. It’s growing out but I think it’s long enough maybe to do it.

  • abby

    so cool