The Truth About Botox – how to not look frozen

March 11, 2019

Well babes, the time has finally come to chat about BOTOX.  I’m gonna be sharing all my secrets with you like, where to get it, how much to get, how much it costs, how to not look frozen, who to trust etcetera etcetera etcetera!! You deserve to know the truth about Botox and honestly it doesn’t have the best reputation.  I feel like when people hear the word Botox they think of Joan Rivers or Courtney Cox.  Sorry Courtney, I hate to even put your name in here because I love you so much!  But we think of the frozen faces that no longer look natural.  Botox though is not the culprit of those poorly constructed celebrity faces.  It’s either fillers gone wrong or too much plastic surgery.  When Botox is done right, it can you assist you naturally in the aging process and has become one of my best kept beauty secrets!

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