Smooth and Shine Spray DIY for your hair

March 19, 2019

Well, my babes, you should know by now that I love hair care and I LOVE DIY, so when I can put those two together, well, it is magic.  For those of you who tried my rose water recipe, we’re going to use some for this spray and it’ll make your hair smooth and shiny.  It’s simple to make and chances are you’ll only need a couple ingredients outside of what you already have to get started!

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My 15 Favorite Spring Beauty Must Haves

March 18, 2019

Can you tell by my posts what is on my mind lately?! With all this snow Utah is still getting, all I can think about is SPRING!! Like…hello, it is halfway through March! Give me all the sunshine and springtime vibes!With that in mind, I wanted to round up my favorite fun, spring time (and who am I kidding – all the time) beauty favorites!

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11 Ways to Refresh Second Day Hair WITHOUT heat

March 13, 2019

Hiiiii!!  I’m so excited for this post — it has been HIGHLY requested!  Today we are chatting second day hair and how to revive curls without heat.  That means I’m sharing my experience with sleeping on my curls + products and general styling tips to get the most out of the curl and texture.If you missed my haircare routine and how I curl my hair, make sure to checkout this post here.

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