80’s Hair/Makeup Tutorial

October 11, 2018

Well hello there you beautiful babes!!!! I promised yesterday I’d dish all the details on my hair and makeup for this couples costume I did with Brian a couple days ago. You have no idea how excited I am for it — IT’S AMAZING!! I just love the 80’s so much. The bright obnoxious colors, the loud hair and music. I love the classic romance movies and all the processed, convenient junk food! You have no idea how excited I’ve been to share this tutorial with you — IT’S AMAZING. And it’s so easy. If you’re not that great at hair or makeup, I promise you’ll be just fine following the tutorial. A few colors, a lot of volume and a big personality are all you really need to pull off this look! So keep reading if you’re interested in my 80’s hair/makeup tutorial!

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DIY Frankenstein Costumes

October 8, 2018

I was wondering through Target the other day and found these adorable black blazers in the Cat and Jack section. They were out of 3T’s and I was initially super bummed. Then this idea popped into my head and y’all know how I get when ideas pop into my head ?. Feeling very inspired I snatched up the blazers two sizes too big for my boys, threw a few extra things into my cart and headed home. I called Brian from the car as was like, get the boys ready cause “WE’RE TURNING INTO FRANKENSTEIN’S” ??. He’s always a good sport when it comes to my crazy ideas so he laughed, I’m sure rolled his eyes and then casually agreed. Sometimes inspiration doesn’t come my friends, but when it does I’m a firm believer in running with it!

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10 Minute Makeup Routine

May 16, 2018

Wellll hiiii!!! Welcome to my TEN minute makeup routine! If my brows didn’t take me a few minutes to fill in, it’d be much faster than that. I’ve really sped up my routine lately, have totally ditched the eyeliner and literally have one color all over my lids. So I hope you guys are excited for me to finally dish the products — sorry for not answering all your dm’s. I knew this video was coming and there were lots of them!

And I apologize in advance for my giant face in all these photos. It gets kinda awkward cause you’re like SUPER close to my face but I guess that’s just how it has to be if imma show off my makeup haha!!

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