Everything You Need To Know About Microblading

April 3, 2019

GUESS WHAT I DID?!  Holy crap guys I went and did it.  I got my brows microbladed again.  I contemplated for months and months, there were definitely reasons for pause as my first microblading experience nearly scarred me for life.  Scroll through a few of my archives here and you’ll quickly understand why! I pulled the trigger the beginning of March and I just knew I was going to have a completely different experience with Tiffany.  I wasn’t even hopeful, I knew it.  Enhance Artistry did my little sisters brows way back and over the last year and a half I’ve critiqued her tiny strokes and color retention and knew that if she could create a masterpiece like that on my little sister, she could do it on me too!  So I made an appointment and WAS SO EXCITED!!!!!  My brows have been a mess.  Everything You Need To Know About Microblading Since I know a lot of you are invested in my story, I

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Easter Basket Ideas for women

April 2, 2019

Hey babes!  This weather has given me ALL THE FEELS!!!  I’ve been thinking so much about Easter and have almost finished my kid’s Easter baskets but it got me thinking… what would I get for Savy if she were a teenager, or what would I want for myself?!  I spent a couple hours on Friday last week and combed through Amazon, Target, Ulta, Anthro — you know, all my favorite stores and compiled what I thought would be cute and fun gifts I’d like to see in my Easter Basket.  UGH, now the question is how do I get the Easter Bunny to deliver?!

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10 ways to wear a hair scarf for medium length hair

March 27, 2019

Hey Babes!  It’s Spring!  It’s Spring!  It’s Spring!  And I am diving head first in the most fun hair trend of the season.  Have you seen it?  The hair scarf.  It’s fun and flirty and easy to do.  I’m so excited to show you 10 ways to style a hair scarf.  First, my favorite hair scarves can be found over at Flourish.  I designed the scarves specifically for hair.  They’re long and narrow, have great drape and aren’t too heavy with useless amounts of fabric like you see in other hair scarves.  You can braid with them, they’re great in thick hair and short hair and everything in between and they elevate every hairstyle!  Needless to say, I’m obsessed.

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