DIY Sidewalk Paint

October 15, 2012

It was a dreary day.  And I wasn’t about to pack the whole house up to go to the park.  So we made some sidewalk paint.  Best idea ever.
What you need:
Food Coloring
It’s one part cornstarch and one part water.  I used 1 cup cornstarch and 1 cup cold water.  Mix it together and then divide it into separate cups.  You’ll add your food coloring and if you want, stick some  glad press and seal on the top of your containers.  As you can see I cut out little holes for the brushes to fit through.  This helped a ton as Boston would have spilled the paint all over the place!  The paint will dry lighter so don’t go easy on your food coloring.
I used about 10 drops for the green.  5 for blue.
It was such a fun little date!  Savy was sleeping and afterwards we made hot chocolate and cuddled on the couch watching our favorites, Woody and Buzz.

  • Very cool idea. Might be using this when I need a project to do with my kids at work!

  • Amy

    awww, love that the two of you got to hang out a bit on your own!

  • Awesome!
    I just made my cutie some playdoh this weekend and it was a huge hit. a rolling pin, cookie cutter, butter knife and plastic fork are the perfect tools!
    we made it extra cool by adding glitter & kool-aid.

  • this sooo cool 😀

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