My Most Favorite Outfit of All Time

May 8, 2013

Necklace- c/o Maya Brenner Designs, gold and silver charm necklace here // Striped Tote- c/o Massi, Cestino Caramel bag here // Maxi Dress- c/o Head Over Heels // Chambray Shirt- JCrew Factory

Use coupon code: TWIST20 for 20%  for 20% off anything at Maya Brenner Designs

I have to tell you.  This maxi dress has changed my life.  It. is. so. comfortable!  I love the color and I love how I can wear it anywhere.  Church or the park, it’s so versatile.  This new bag is amazing too.  I feel like it’s a pretty casual bag so I’m not afraid to throw tons of toys and lunch in it for park days or zoo visits.  It’s pretty big so it can fit all I need and more and I know it’s not going to break on me because the quality is ahhhh-mazing.
We are getting ready to fly to Gig Harbor, Washington this Friday.  Brian drove our car packed full of stuff to over the weekend and he just got back on Monday.  We literally took what would fit in our small Corolla.  We’re gonna need beds, couches, a kitchen table, toys… geesh.  I’m a little worried, wondering how I’m going to survive with my kids this summer in an apartment full of empty space!
I’ll let ya know how that goes… ha!
Anyone out there from Washington?  Gig Harbor, Tacoma, Seattle area?  I’d love to meet up if you’re close!!  You can never have enough friends… and I will have exactly zero when I get there!


  • Did you get a haircut? I absolutely love your long hair, it is my inspiration to keep growing mine out!

  • Did you get a haircut? I absolutely love your long hair, it is my inspiration to keep growing mine out!

  • You have the cutest style and so modest. I wish I could hire you to help me get new clothes after I have my baby in September. I need a fresh look! But you have great ideas that I can’t wait to try.

  • We recently moved to Poulsbo Washington in December, Gig Harbor is about an hour away. Soooo worth the drive though to make a good friend. 🙂 happy travels! I would love to meet up.

  • You’re gonna love Washington!!! I live near Spokane, WA which is about 4 to 5 hours from Seattle. I’m hoping to be over there sometime this summer. If so, I’ll send you a message. I have a 2.5 year old who I’m sure would LOVE to play with your adorable kiddos. I hope you enjoy Washington State as much as I love it. BTW, happy early Mother’s Day!

  • love this effortless look!

  • OMG. never, ever, ever, ever, ever, post travel plans on the internet ahead of time, unless you’re ALSO posting that someone is watching your house. It is unlikely that we are shady characters here, but you want your home to be safe while you’re gone and anything you post on the internet is not private. That said, HAVE FUN. And get a house sitter. <3

    • Oh you are so sweet!! We actually sold our contract to our apartment before we left so we don’t have a place in Provo anymore!!!

  • You’re going to love it here! I moved to Seattle about a year ago. You get use to the weather. After July 5th we have perfect sunny gorgeous days! I live up in the Bothell area!

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