^^ 32 weeks pregnant with twins!  13 4a^^ do you like my serious face?  It’s a faux hawk… I had to at least TRY! haha


Alright ladies, this faux hawk is literally one of my favorite hairstyles ever.  Is is not awesome?  Obviously it’s not an everyday style, at least not for me as a momma to almost four.  What the – saying that freaks me out.  Anyway ha!  I’m in love with this hairstyle and my goal this summer is to find a whole bunch of places to wear it!

Products I used:
Lipstick (all fired up) | Elastics | Teasing Brush | Hairspray | Clips | Extensions | Micro Crimper, splurge here save here | Mirror I want, mirror I have

pinterestAnd for your viewing pleasure – a super quick video tutorial.  Just in case you need a little more than a few pictures! Enjoy!!

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  1. Rachel

    I love love love this! I am in the process of growing my hair back out so my hair is a little on the short side for this just yet. I can’t wait til it is long enough! Early congrats on your sweet babies! I hope everything goes smoothly :)

    1. Abby

      The only reason I wear the extensions in the tutorials is because my site is more editorial… I want people to pin my images and so I need something a little more flashy! For everyday I don’t use them and while the styles don’t look as glam, they still look great!!! I’m excited to see how it turns out!

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