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December 12, 2012

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Sunday night was Brian’s school’s Christmas program.  They asked me to sing, which I feel like I haven’t done in forever, so it was a super special night.  I even pulled out a chunky necklace… that of course Savy tugged and pulled on the entire time!
For this elegant hairstyle, you’re going to start by curling and teasing your hair.  Do you see that little bow up there?  Underneath it is a clear elastic.  If you’re not in the mood for a bow, finish the hairstyle and then cut the elastic.  Right there you’re going to start your fishtail braid.  Once you’ve fishtail braided your hair all the way forward you’re going to braid the tail into an alternative braid.  Make sure to leave a section of hair out in the front to and pull out and tug on that alternative braid so it’s loose and bubbly.


  • This is awesome!

  • I love the Ombre hair color you are rocking right now, but I reallllly love your highlights that are shown in a lot of your book photos. Do you have any words of advice to describe that shade/highlight technique to my hair-gal when I go in? I love how well blended your highlights look and I never know how to explain it exactly to her 🙂

    • Hey Coley! So…. sad story. I have loved the ombre but it’s been way too much maintenance. I’m so light that my regrowth is a mess and the color fades too quickly. So last night decided to go back blonde…. and now I’m orange. HA! Not funny at all actually, it’s so sad!! So I’m heading up north to go to my old stylist. Hopefully she can fix me and I’ll make sure to ask her what exactly she does!!! I’ll get back to you asap! My app is Saturday!

  • I liked everything and posted on facebook
    and i didn’t know how to put it on pinterest!!!

    • Jenni, do you have the pin it button on your top bookmark bar? You NEED to get it! It’s AMAZING!!!! Get it here: It’ll seriously change your life! Pinning things you actually see while browsing the internet will be so easy and it makes your life a billion times more organized!! You can also go into your pinterest account and just add a picture!

  • oh my goodness, adore this outfit. The skirt is amazing. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my new post and latest style column for xo

    • Anna, I’m so glad you commented! Now I have a new favorite blog to check out!! You are totally gorgeous by the way. I think you should give me a fashion makeover!

  • I’m in love with your lipstick color here!!! Do you remember what it was that you were wearing?

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