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umm… because sometimes I just feel like dancing.  Or awkwardly posing, either works!
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Cords: Gap // Boots: Target // Bag: c/o Persun Mall // Chambray shirt: Jcrew Factory // Sweater: AE in stores only
Photography by Shutterbugs Photography (if your in Utah County make sure to check them out!)

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So yesterday we put up our Christmas tree… ahhhhh!  We’re barely halfway through November, should I be admitting that?  My husband is Mr. Christmas and I couldn’t stand making him wait.  He’s so in love with the holidays and goes alllll out.  Tonight we are heading to build a bear to build a few of these…

We’ll bake some winter treats, I already have hot chocolate in the crock pot and we’ll string popcorn and cranberries for the tree all while watching the classic Christmas shows.  Call me the best wife ever, Brian’s going to be more excited about this than the kids!  What are some of you favorite Christmas traditions… err, should I be asking what your favorite Thanksgiving traditions are?!  Haha stupid radios playing Christmas music.  If you want someone to blame, blame them!

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  1. Amanda Remes

    I love Christmas! If it weren't for our cats and not being home for Thanksgiving we would have our tree up already too. Those are so cute to have out for the holidays. My favorite Christmas décor is my Mr. Bingle stuff. Hes a New Orleans Christmas tradition and I have to have all of that out every year.

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