Hellllo Mexico!

August 7, 2014

Seven years ago Brian and I honeymooned in Cozumel, Mexico.  It was an amazing trip filled with snorkeling, dolphins and catamaran rides.  We had such an amazing time, the water was incredible, the people were amazing and ever since I’ve been begging him to take me back.  About a month ago, a few weeks before our 7th anniversary, he surprised me with a trip without the kids to the gorgeous waters of Mexico .  I was ecstatic to say the least.

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^^  How I wore my hair nearly the entire trip.  I just french braided the top and secured it half up into a top knot.


Swimsuit: c/o Lime Ricki | Skirt: Target | Sunglasses: c/o Lime Ricki

In seven years so much had changed!  Prices for everything had drastically increased making it hard for us to afford all the things we wanted to do and the hotel that once catered to those who spoke english was now mostly for natives.  Not having any english speakers around was a little hard but I mostly noticed how this once quiet and relaxing resort had become this vacation destination for large, loud families.  There were kids EVERYWHERE!  And the few Americans you could find were off getting drunk and puking in bushes.  Way to keep it classy haha!  One quick thing about Cozumel, it’s a relatively flat island off the coast of Cancun.  It’s known for some of the best scuba diving in the world and the entire east coast is reef, which is where all the hotels are.  To find the gorgeous beaches and waves, you have to rent a moped and drive thirty minutes to the other side of the island.  With everything being much more expensive than we planned, we ended up spending most of our time at the small man made beach at the hotel nearly the entire time.  Not the adventurous trip we were wanting, but we still had a blast spending much needed time together without the kids.


^^  This is the small beach area I was talking about at our hotel.  You can see the reef area starting up again on the left.

My swimsuit is from amazon — only $17!  You can find it here and mine is a medium.


Sunglasses: c/o tmbrs.  These are without a doubt my favorite sunnies.  They are so comfy and the yellow went with everything!  Use the coupon code TWIST20 for 20% OFF the Wayfarer style collection!!

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We ended up renting a moped twice while we were there and spending time at the real beach.  Oh my word.  You guys.  It was so beautiful.  There’s nothing over on that side of the island save a few restaurants and we felt like the last two people on earth.  We rented some boogie boards and rode waves all.  day.  long.  It was perfect.  I loved spotting the camouflaged crabs digging holes, and laying in the warm warm sun.


Sunglasses: c/o tmbrs


^^  This is just a waterfall braid and then a dutch braid beneath.  I forgot to bring all my elastics and bobby pins, face palm, so it was tricky getting hairstyles to stick with the few things I had.  I was planning on doing a few beach hair tutorials while out there and couldn’t find what I needed at the stores.  Sad day!  I can’t seem to find this dress anymore but I bought it at Target.  I really love this one on clearance here.


If you’ve ever rented a moped in Mexico you know how terrifying it can be!  The drivers there are absolutely nuts!  We secured this bad boy for 20 bucks which I was pretty excited about.  The first one we rented we got for $30 but they charged us an additional $70 because there was an invisible scratch on the side…  I’m telling you, it was like that the entire time.  We felt like we couldn’t trust anyone, that everyone was trying to take advantage of us, like there were all these hidden fees for everything, and it wasn’t fun to haggle or shop.  I was like, JUST TELL ME THE FAIR PRICE OF THIS BRACELET!!!  It was so different from the trip I remember 7 years ago.  What’s your experience leaving the country?  Where have you stayed and did you love it?


^^ I shellacked my nails before I went, thank goodness!  This is the Gelaze Flip Flop Fantasy and you can find it here.  It’s one of my favs.


Sunglasses: c/o tmbrs | Sandals: Lime Ricki | Dress: Target (soldout online)

o cutestgg

^^ High-waisted retro suit: Amazon — for $20!  Find it here.  I squeezed into a medium, might have liked a large better in the bottoms, but the medium top fit great. 2jk gh

^^  Crop top from Target, Skirt from Target.  Sunglasses: c/o tmbrs

Maybe in another seven years Brian and I will get the chance to go off to a faraway land again.  This time though I hope we get to bring our kiddos.  It was amazing feeling like a young married couple again but honestly, we missed our kids.  It would have been a nightmare with them haha, but distance truly made the heart grow fonder.  For at least a few hours anyway 😉

  • Ha! Love the neon pink nail polish. I have some at home and it’s my favorite. I should really do a cool nail tutorial for my blog.

    The fashion amateur ~ Janie Lynn


  • All of your swimsuits are super cute! I hope you guys had a great time, despite the culture shock. =)


  • Pamela Dorantes

    Bad luck ): I live near Cozumel and when I go everything is amazing but you must know where you can buy cheap things. The last time I was there, I rented a boat all day for 305 dlls, it includes sailor, scuba diving, sailing, hanging out at the beach, beer, ceviche and snacks!

    • Do not stay with a bad impression, Mexico is amazing 🙂